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The Mexican Aeronautic Industry Takes Off

The Mexican Aeronautic Industry Takes Off

Posted by Ricardo Vázquez on June 24, 2014

The aeronautic industry in Mexico is one of the manufacturing activities, along with the automotive industry, with the biggest growth dynamic in recent years and it presents a very good investment potential.

At a national scale, it is estimated that the industry generates around 43,000 jobs, derived from the presence of more than 270 companies related with the field, in both engineering and investigation, that are distributed in 18 states of the country, according to the Mexican Federation of Aerospace Industry (FEMIA for its initials in spanish). However, the five states with the most activity are: Low California, Sonora, Nuevo Leon, Chihuahua and very recently Queretaro, where an important aerospace cluster has been created, almost next to the airport of the city with the same name.

Oxford Business Group, a financial intelligence firm, reveals that the aerospace Mexican field has been growing at an annual rate of almost 20% for the past decade.

As a consequence of the dynamics of the sector, different foreign companies have increased their investment in recent years, highlighting the case of the Canadian Bombardier, which counts with plants in different states of the country, but in recent years it has strongly invested in Queretaro and it is at the top of the aerospace cluster of the entity.

Information of the Mexican government says that the Mexican aerospace field is made up by companies dedicated to manufacturing, maintenance, reparations, adequacy, engineering, design, auxiliary services (airlines, test labs and capacitation centres, among others), all from either commercial or military aircrafts.

FEMIA says that the companies that installed themselves in Mexico a few years ago are starting to take off and to take advantage of their development, moreover in the past few years the industry has focused in helping the with development small suppliers.

Meanwhile, ProMexico added that the level of exports has registered a growth bigger than 16% in an annual average during the period of 2006-2012. Sales of the mentioned field abroad were of a total of 5,040 million dollars in 2012, and imports reached 4,359 million dollars, keeping a positive commercial balance during this year.

The exporting potential of aerospace goods with high aggregate value is set to be of 10,000 million dollars, according to reports by ProMexico.

Among the companies that participate on the area and are considered cases of success,  Bombardier Aerospace stands out, a Canadian company and world wide leader manufacturer of aircrafts, it was established in Queretaro after an international strife to instal their operations.

In October of 2010, the company invested 250 Million Dollars in the inauguration of a new plant in the state of Queretaro that would create the executive plane Learjet 85.

At the end of that same year, the company announced it would invest a total of $550 US Million in Queretaro to construct their fifth production plant in the country, as well as in other items. In that plant the rear fuselage of new business planes Global 7000 and Global 8000 is being produced.

Specialists of the industry consider that Mexico has become a key piece of the chain of components suppliers of Bombardier in the world and it will be fundamental for their expansion to Latin America.

Until now, Bombardier Aerospace is the first airplane manufacturer that directly installs a pieces and components factory in Mexico. 

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