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Meet the world with Wekho

Meet the world with Wekho

Posted by Dubraswka Aguilar on April 05, 2014

Social networks, so are, have focused on the person itself: what they do, how they feel or which are their interests. Breaking this paradigm, a venezuelan discovered that places can be centers of attention for virtual communities as well, and use people to share them. And that’s how Wekho started.

Fedor Saldivia, the creator, manager and administrator, comments that Wekho it’s not exactly a social network: “it’s a geolocalization tool that allows to interact and relate with the sorroundings and the places they visit”. He explains that the contents can be found through the GPS, according to the geographic position of the user.

About the way the app works, Saldivia points out that “when you publish geographicly or virtually your location, you can upload photos, videos, audio or chat with someone who is in the same place. The important thing is to find contents, not having friends or followers”.

In the middle of a busy day of work, the possibility of escaping to the mountain or the beach is pretty factible with Wekho, with just locating the place you want in any part of the world, clicking Follow Place and the disposition to dicover what’s happening there, through the followers of the network.

Saldivia indicates dos important features of the site: one of them is that the content doesn’t travel with the user, it stays in the place, and the other is that “there’s no way to share, you can only upload information, using a mechanism of privacy: it can be public, when all the users can see it; available to friends, only for mutual followers know who uploaded the information; or anonymous, if you want to keep your identity in secret”.

Also, Wekho offers anouncements that are grouped in the categories od real estate, retail and restaurants. “It’s a free service for sale, located according to geographic location of the people, for example, I can sell in my neighborhood a bicycle or a car to people in the same area”, he explains.

“Sticky notes” are another unique tool of Wekho. They allow to leave notes with comments and trends of a place you visited, so other users can read them when the visit the site.

How Wekho was created?

The history of this social network starts ‘some place along La Mancha’. “I was showering in a very eccentric and famous hotel, and I was surprised about the chance tha I had for being there. In that moment I wondered which famous person might have showered in that very same room, soI told myself I had to do something about it”.

From that thought, this guy, who happens to be a lawyer, contacted developers in India to evaluate costs. “As a hobby, essays started and after approximately 2 years of trials we uploaded the app for iOS in the AppStore, where it started to earn a lot of acceptance around the world”. After 7 months of its launch, Wekho has approximately 200 thousand users and about 3 thousand photos and7or content uploaded from around the world.

Acoording to Saldivia, the most active countries in the app are India, United Kingdom, Russia, Thailand, Spain, United States and Venezuela. “The investment has been gradual, while its growth was exponential, taking in account that it’s build with the feedback of the users”.

In such little time, their marketing and publicity strategy is digital only. “I never thought in an approximated number of followers or users to rech. Without knowing much about it, at least not beyond my interest for technology, I started trying with banners and publicity online. I also used my almost 60 thousand likes in Facebook, to invite to download the link”.

As for the name, he says it’s a wordplay. “Everything we do leaves a mark, it leaves a print, and echo, not like the duck squawk, that identify us, and, as they say, doesn’t echo. I started to combine letters until I found a domain available and it became Wekho”.

Social networking in Venezuela

  • According to comScore, during 2013, Venezuelan audience reached almost 8 million users online, being services and social networks the most asked categories.
  • While the search for social media in the rest of the world was around 89.7%, in Venezuela that number rised to 94.6%.
  • The social networks that keep growing in Venezuela are Facebook, Twitter,, Linkedin and Badoo.

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