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Mafalda Exhibition Opens in Buenos Aires

Mafalda Exhibition Opens in Buenos Aires

Posted by Juan Gavasa on September 20, 2014

A major exhibition about Mafalda, an Argentine comic strip character created by Joaquin “Quino” Lavado, opened Friday in Buenos Aires' Public Library. Mafalda in her Soup includes Quino's original original drawings, sketches, comic strips, and letters from fans that he collected over the years. It also has translations of the comic strips, pictures and graffiti inspired by Quino's character.

Quino has received many awards this year, including the French Legion of Honor, as the Mafalda comics will turn 50 years-old on September 29, although Quino only drew her from 1964 to 1973. “I never imagined that she would be so alive after all this years of not drawing her,” said Quino in a press conference. “The problems that we face today are the same ones or worse than those that I drew during those years.”

The exhibition aims to show the public the creative process of Quino when drawing Mafalda, and the inspiration that many people around the world have received from the girl. Mafalda is the most well-known Latin American comic character in the world. She is a small, smart, middle-class girl, who hates soup, listens to The Beatles, and worries about the world's problems from a very innocent though poignant point of view.

One of the letters in the exhibition is from a woman jailed during Argentina's dictatorship, from 1976 to 1983, who told Quino that she and her fellow inmates used to remember Mafalda's jokes to make their time in jail more bearable. Mafalda, her family and friends deal at their own scale with some of the world's problems like greed, ambition, repression, and poverty, but with a light-hearted twist that keeps the reader thinking.

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