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Machu Picchu's Tourism in Latin America

Machu Picchu's Tourism in Latin America

Posted by PanamericanWorld on October 26, 2015

The Machu Picchu in Latin America has been one of the historical sites of the ancient world. It is located on a mountain ridge 50 miles northwest of Cuzco Region in Peru.

Machu Picchu came from the Queachua words machu that means old and pikchu meaning peak, due to its place that has broad base to sharp peaks, above the Inca site. Standing 2430 meters above sea level, the structure created by the Inca civilization boasts its rich, diverse crossover between the Amazon rainforest to the Peruvian Andes.

Its breathtaking view of one of the greatest architectural temples and artistic structures spans 32,592 hectares of land area. It was also added to the World Heritage Property. 

The Machu Picchu was built by the Incas around 1450 and was abandoned during the Spanish Conquest a century later in 1572. The ruins were divided into an urban and agricultural areas, consisting of about 200 temples and warehouses built for mountainous nature of the site, built parallel on a terrain and with extensive terrace and irrigation for the agricultural lower part of the site. The eastern and western parts reserved for residential and religious purposes. The way the sectioning of the whole city, the different levels of citizenship can be classified from the royalties and the wise persons, to the normal citizens and farmers.

Even though it may have been discovered and robbed by Augusto Bern, a German businessman, in 1867, the site was not discovered publicly until in 1911. The discovery was made by Hiram Bingham, an American historian from Yale University that initiated its restoration.

Garnering global attention, in 1976, about 30 per cent has been reconstructed and by 1981, it was officially a Peruvian Historical Sanctuary and, in 1983, as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Machu Picchu is now included in the New Seven Wonders of the World since 2007. The restorations of the ruins are currently still ongoing.

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