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Lucas Silva: The next Brazilian star to conquer Europe

Lucas Silva: The next Brazilian star to conquer Europe

Posted by Juan Gavasa on December 10, 2014

Two Brasileiraos in a row are no easy feat, and Lucas Silva, a 21 year old center midfielder, has made it possible with Cruzeiro, a historical squad that was in dire need of titles.

A true powerhouse in the Mineiro region, Cruzeiro had always struggled to face up against the likes of Corinthians, Palmeiras or Flamengo when it came to the national championship, but with the help of Silva and a few other stars like veteran Julio Baptista and Bolivian sensation Marcelo Moreno, the Foxes have managed to get two back-to-back titles and take their count of Brasileiraos up to four, after their 1966 and 2003 victories.

The greatest outcome of this winning streak will affect Lucas Silva. The 21 year old has demonstrated he is a true talent to be reckoned with, and half of Europe is after his transfer.

Real Madrid has allegedly already made an offer for his signing, which amounts to around 12 million euro. However, Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester City are are also keen on getting the player in their rosters as early as next January.

The president of the Blues has assured in an interview with Globo TV that he will not sell Lucas for anything less than 15 million euro, and given the latest transfer amounts of talented players in Europe, the price tag seems almost laughable.

Silva, who still has not made his debut with the Senior squad of the Canarinha, should not let this train pass him by, as the stories of notable players who have made an impact in a South American tournament and called European clubs attention only to see that same attention get diluted over the next few months to the point of not actually finding a suitable buyer six months later, are a dime a dozen.

Perhaps the clearest case is his own teammate Everton Ribeiro. The 25 year old was the hottest thing out of Brazil last year, and around this time 12 months ago, some of the same clubs who know are pursuing Lucas Silva, were head over heals for Ribeiro.

He decided to stay put at Cruzeiro, as he thought another year to help the team grow would only help build up his resume, but after not being called up by Scolari to the World Cup, and being eclipsed by the shining light of Lucas Silva, no one is thinking of him as a serious option for their team in the best tournaments in Europe.

Lucas Silva’s case, however, is different from Ribeiro’s. Although it is true that Cruzeiro is the most “European” team in Brazil, and both Silva and Ribeiro handle the reins in the middle, Silva is not only younger –thus has a larger margin to grow and develop into a true super star– but is also a more complete player.

The youngster has been defined by pundits and teammates as the prototype of the future midfielder. He is a force in attack, being able to join the efforts of the middle line with those of the attacking line, but can also help on the defensive aspect. His physical abilities permit him to control everything that happens at the core of his team’s operations, and he has the talent to also design marvelous attacking plays.

While he is not a great goal scorer (only 3 goals in his two years as a professional), he has shown to have a powerful strike from outside the box, something European coaches demand of their mids in order to add another weapon to their attacking arsenals.

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