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A Look at the Career of Miguel Cabrera

A Look at the Career of Miguel Cabrera

Posted by Liliana Castaño on August 15, 2013

By Sebastian Llavaneras.-


Cabrera’s MLB debut was in 2003 with the Florida Marlins when he was 20 years old.  In his first game Cabrera hit a home run making him the third player since 1900 who made a game-winning home run in his debut. That same year, Cabrera went on to win the World Series with the Marlins against the New York Yankees in 6 games.


On 2004, Marlins had a bad year due to changes in the lineup, so they missed the Playoffs. Cabrera had a good year, nevertheless. He averaged .294, with 34 HRs, and 112 RBIs, which awarded him his first appearance in the All-Stars game.


On 2005 he was second in the National League in hits (198) with an average of .323, 33 HRs, and 116 RBIs. With that record, he became the youngest player of MLB history to make more than 30 home runs in two consecutive seasons. Cabrera was voted for his second All-Stars appearance in this year.


On 2006 Miguel Cabrera had an average of .339, with 26 homers, and 114 RBIs. He was voted for his third consecutive All-Star game and he earned his second Silver Slugger award.


2007 was Miguel Cabrera’s last year with the Marlins. He sealed the year with a .320 batting average, and he achieved a new personal best of 34 home runs and 119 RBIs. In this season, Cabrera made his 500th RBI in MLB making him the third youngest player to reach 500 RBIs. On September 15, 2007, in a game against the Colorado Rockies, Cabrera made more than 100 RBIs for the fourth consecutive year. He also made his first grand slam in that game.


On 2008, Cabrera signed an eight-year contract with the Detroit Tigers for $152.3 millions. He made his 1000th hit and finished the season with an average of .292, and a new career-high 37 homers and 127 RBIs. Cabrera became one of only six players with five consecutive seasons making more than 100 RBIs.


Miguel opened 2009 with a grand slam in the season's first game. On August 23, 2009, Cabrera hit his 200th career home run in his 1,000th game against the Oakland A's. He became the fourth Venezuelan player to reach such achievement. Cabrera batted .324, 34 homers, and 103 RBIs making that his sixth consecutive year with more than 100 RBIs.


On 2010, Cabrera was voted to participate in the AL All-Stars squad for the first time since he joined the American League and it would be his fifth time playing in the All-Stars game. Cabrera led the first basemen with a .328 batting average, 38 homers and 128 RBIs. He was also runner-up for the MVP award.


2011 was an even better year for Cabrera. He had a .344 BA (best in the majors), and he made his eighth consecutive year with more than 100 RBIs and his fifth consecutive year with more than 30 HRs. Cabrera participated in his sixth All-Stars game.

Miguel Cabrera batting


On 2012 Cabrera had a rocky start. In the preseason, he was struck by a ground ball below the eye in a game against the Philadelphia Phillies. Despite the injury, Cabrera was able to recover for the opening game on April 5. On April 27, Miguel Cabrera became one of the few players who have reached 1000 RBIs before age 30. Cabrera was voted to be in the All-Stars game for the seventh time. On July 22, Cabrera made his 300th home run making him the second Venezuelan-born player to achieve this besides Andres Galarraga. He won the Triple Crown, finishing the season with an AL-leading 44 home runs, 139 RBIs, and .330 batting average. Cabrera is the only Latin American player and third baseman who has won the Triple Crown. On November 15, 2012, Cabrera was named the AL's Most Valuable Player.


Miguel Cabrera keeps rocking the MLB in 2013. He had an amazing year last season but this year seems to be even better. He is the top contender for the MVP award and he could possibly win the Triple Crown twice in a row.

Photos by Keith Allison/Flickr

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