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Liga MX wants to bring in big names

Liga MX wants to bring in big names

Posted by Juan Gavasa on December 12, 2014

Mexico has always had one of the stronger leagues in the American continents. The financial power of some of its top teams has attracted some great talent to the country. From the likes of Bernd Schuster, Emilio Butragueño, Michel or Zamorano, to the most recent case Ronaldinho Gaucho, Mexican squads have always looked for ways to make an impact in the international market.

Although not many teams will find talent in their prime looking to make the move to the Mexican League, some players in the final third of their careers do look to Mexico as a potential career move.

Liga MX has high enough level to make sure players in their early 30s remain competitive, but brings it down a notch from what the European leagues offer. On top of that, the pay is also pretty sweet.

That’s the reason why, after Ronaldinho’s adventure at Gallos Blancos this season, the team in looking to sign Victor Valdes as their goalkeeper next year.

The former Barcelona has just been recognized as the best goalkeeper in the history of the Spanish Liga, according to a study that evaluated his every match during his stint in the Culé squad for almost a decade. However, his decision to leave the club last spring suffered a great set back when he tore his knee ACL during a match and was to be sidelined for 8 months.

Monaco, which had arrived to an agreement to sign him weeks before he fell injured, washed their hands of any commitment during the summer transfer market and left the star goalkeeper hanging high and dry, and without a team for the first time in his career.

Since then, he has been rumored to being close to signing for Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United, and admittedly, Pep Guardiola tried to take him to Bayern Munich as Neuer’s back up, although Valdes was looking for a starting role wherever he was going to end up.

As such, Queretaro presents itself as a great option for the goalkeeper, who could join his former teammate, Ronaldinho, in the Mexican team.

Meanwhile, Atlas has been trying to get former Youth starlet Robinho to join its squad starting next January. The Brazilian returned to Santos after his European stint, which took him to Real Madrid, Manchester City and AC Milan without much luck, and his old club repatriated him to cover the gap left by Neymar in the squad.

But Robinho’s return to Brazil hasn’t made the splash desired, and now he may be eyeing a new adventure. Perhaps Mexico is the best spot for the 30 year old who once wanted to be the Best Player in the World.

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