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Latam Startups Conference is Now Taking Place in Chile

Latam Startups Conference is Now Taking Place in Chile

Posted by Juan Gavasa on August 01, 2014

Latam Startups Conference will take place in Santiago, the 26th and 27th of September. The change from Peru to the Chilean capital, happened because, according to their director, there was a need to find a better coverage and a more solid environment for the event. “Chile offers us all these guarantees and besides its start-up ecosystem is one of the most recognized and developed in Latin America”, said Miryam Lazarte, director of the conference.

The change won’t affect neither the dates it will take place in, nor its schedule or its participants. As a matter of fact Lazaro is convinced that the new place will reinforce the goal of the event and its influence in creating networks for entrepreneurs, investors, and the rest of the people that involved in the Latin American startups ecosystem. To all that, you can add the fact that latam Startups Conference will take place in the recently inaugurated Centre for Innovation of the Catholic University of Chile. This avant-garde building is thought of as a multidisciplinary centre for the development high economic, social, and cultural impact projects that show innovation, new initiatives and entrepreneurship. According to Miryam Lazarte, this brilliant building offers all the technical solutions, capacity and means to host this conference with full guarantees.

Latam Startups Conference will gather the best 200 startups of Latin America together with 50 North American investors with the end of generating business opportunities in Canada, country in which the radar is set for this first edition. Countries like Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Paraguay, Mexico or Colombia will attend the conference with different entrepreneurial projects. The choice of Chile as an alternative to Peru for the event wasn’t something random. As Miryam Lazarte said, the Chilean ecosystem of startups is one of the most solid and most developed in Latin America, thanks to government policies that support entrepreneurs, that have now been copied by other countries in the region.

For years ago, the Chilean government decided to make their country a magnet for technological entrepreneurs of the world, they were convinced this was the best way to create a cultural change in the country in favour of more entrepreneurial activity. The base of this decision was the launching of the program Start-Up Chile, an initiative that has won worldwide fame and recognition and that in these years has already exceeded its own expectations. Since that project first started, more than 10 thousand projects coming from more than 100 countries of the world have been added to the project, from which 750 have already been funded. The most important fact is that almost 17% of those projects got more than USD 150 millions in private funds after leaving the program. 

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