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Jevon King is Miss T&T Universe 2014

Jevon King is Miss T&T Universe 2014

Posted by Shanelle Weir on August 12, 2014

Jevon King won the coveted Miss T&T Universe 2014 title on Sunday night, beating 11 other contenders for the title at the grand final show at the Hilton Trinidad and Conference Centre in Port of Spain. Annika Reveillac is first runner-up. Trevine Sellier, Krystyna Lee Alexander and Katrina Laydoo were also among the top five.  

A couple of controversial questions came up in the question and answer segment of the competition. Katrina Laydoo was asked for her thoughts on airing her political views in mainstream media or in social media. Annika Reveillac was asked if she would support making free condoms available in secondary schools and Krystyna Lee Alexander was asked if she thought citizens 18-30 should be required to serve in the Trinidad and Tobago Regiment for at least six months. 

King’s eloquent response to her final question sealed the deal on the crown. King was asked what message she would want to tell teenaged girls who are engaging in public fights and using profanities. A confident King responded: “Violence is never the answer. Instead focus your energy on education and pursuing your dreams.”

The 24-year-old King, from Diego Martin, set herself apart early on to emerge as a favourite with her stunning beauty and charm. Each of the contestants debuted the Tribe Carnival band  Monday mas wear designed by Rhion Romany. Bikini Cabana and J Madison swimsuit were the designers for the swimsuit competition, while Charu Lochan Dass provided intriguing gowns for the competition’s evening wear segment.  

Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe was hosted by franchise holder Dean Ackin, chief executive officer of mas band Tribe. Cheleste Peterson won the Tribe Spirit of Carnival Award while Shaunika Firth took the Treseme Fan Favourite Award.  

Anya Ayoung Chee led the panel of judges which also included Neal Farinah, Lorca Gatcliffe-Farah, Justin Phelps and Bernard Stewart. Neval Chatelal and Michael Allan were part of the entertainment line-up. 

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