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Jazz music will take Caracas

Jazz music will take Caracas

Posted by Dubraswka Aguilar on April 11, 2014

Four days have the luxurious "Caracas Jazz Festival 2014 " to be held from 8 to 29 May at 8:00 pm in the facilities Teatrex - El Bosque, an event that will bring together leading exponents of jazz Venezuelan talents, musical genre great rhythmic wealth held captive to a select audience in our country. The opening the festival will be Thursday, May 8 and will run from Tuesday Jazz Sound, band founded in 1989 under the name Tuesday 8:30, which today has seven musical productions.

The group has shared the stage with stars like Spyro Gyra, Earth, Wind & Fire, Don Grusin, Frank Quintero, Victor Cuica and Alfredo Naranjo, is currently made by Alex Hamilton on piano, Mark Miquelena on bass, Gerardo Lopez on drums, Omar Pereira on percussion, Alain Henroit on trumpet, Leo Castillo on guitar and vocalist Sergio Mancinelli on harmonica.

Then, on Thursday, May 15, will be a guest Andrés Briceño and his ensemble, considered one of the most versatile drummers Venezuelans and more international recognition. During his career, this remarkable musician Guárico State native, has traveled roads for Latin music and rock, but its scope is more jazz. Your name appears next to the likes of Gerry Weil, Gustavo Rodolfo Reyes or Carucí , among others. Currently, Andrés Briceño is coordinator of the chair battery Caracas Simon Bolivar Conservatory and is founder and Music Director of the Simón Bolívar Big Band Jazz .

And precisely for Thursday May 22 , will be the "Simon Bolivar Big Band Jazz ' invited the group under the direction of maestro Briceño. Over 40 artists on stage, students Simón Bolívar Conservatory of Music, we will transport to the various sub-genres of jazz, a tribute to the best the world of jazz composers such as Duke Ellington, Dave Samuels and Chick Corea, among others.

Finally, the closing gala scheduled for Thursday, May 29 , will be provided by pianist Prisca Dávila , who with his fusion of Venezuelan music , classical music and jazz, will bring to the stage the best of their discography.The artist will have as a guest at his sister, pianist and dancer Marieva Dávila and perform songs together 'four hands' from the album 'A piano, two sisters', where Creole and flamenco together in bulerías with Venezuelan bird until meringues encounter the tango. Eduardo Dávila (sax and flute), Heriberto Rojas (bass) and Miguel Hernandez (drums), will be the accompanists of this great musical closing party.

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