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Jamaican Rum Bar For Covent Garden

Jamaican Rum Bar For Covent Garden

Posted by Shanelle Weir on February 21, 2014

Dub Jam, a Jamaican-themed rum bar that will pipe J. Wray & Nephew overproof rum through its sound system speakers to infuse its rum punch with reggae, will be opening in London's Covent Garden this month. The heavily trafficked tourist area is home to the Royal Opera House, various street performers as well as several restaurants and bars from around the world, none of which are currently Jamaican.

Dub Jam bills itself as a "tiny jerk, BBQ and rum shack in Covent Garden, which fuses the laid-back beach vibe of the Caribbean, with tasty, contemporary Jamaican barbecue flavours and the sensational sounds of legendary reggae label 'Trojan Records'." Dub Jam is to have its soft launch on February 25, and its full opening on March 1.

The bar's signature cocktail is the 'Wray & Nephew Reggae-Infused Rum Punch' which sells for £6 (J$1,077). "The rum is stored in a barrel and then basically piped through the sound system," making it the "world's first reggae-infused rum punch," Kieron Botting, operations director at Dub Jam and the Adventure Bar, and self-styled 'founding dubmeister'.

The rum punch will be gravity fed from a barrel into a sound chamber attached to the speakers - which is then basically "blasted by sound waves and fed reggae," before being piped out into glass and served to drinkers.

Asked whether the process actually affects the flavour, Botting said it depends on a person's point of view, as there is science which "basically says, we are all vibrating energy organisms". But the real effect is theatrical and meant "to put a smile on people's faces" to make them more happy. "It made you smile, didn't it?" he said. Other products are a little more standard, and include a wide selection of other rums, Marley Coffee, Red Stripe beer, and Carib beer from Trinidad, Botting said.

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