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Jamaica Takes No. 2 Spot For Cheap Holidays

Jamaica Takes No. 2 Spot For Cheap Holidays

Posted by Shanelle Weir on March 21, 2014

TripAdvisor, which is rated as the world's largest travel website, has listed Jamaica as the second least expensive place for a family of four to vacation in a survey of 20 Caribbean destinations. The survey - TripIndex Caribbean - assessed the 10 least expensive and 10 most expensive places for leisure, but the analysis did not include all-inclusive resorts.

Jamaica was beaten to the top-value spot by Puerto Rico. "The index reveals that US travellers heading to the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, or Puerto Rico within the Greater Antilles can get more value for their money and save 36 per cent compared to other Caribbean destinations," said director of communications for TripAdvisor, Brooke Ferencsik, in the report on the survey released on March 5.

Prices surveyed were for the travel period March 1, 2014, to April 30, 2014, covering expenses such as the average round-trip airfare from the continental United States, a seven-night hotel stay, dinner for six nights, and a half-day snorkeling excursion for four.

Puerto Rico was the least expensive destination on the TripIndex, with a total cost of US$4,609, followed by Jamaica which ranked as the second-best value at US$4,631, then Trinidad & Tobago with total pricing of US$4,771, and the Dominican Republic at US$5,315.

TripAdvisor said that the most expensive Caribbean spots are located in the Leeward Islands, with St Bart's as the priciest Caribbean destination on the index at US$12,486. Anguilla was 17 per cent cheaper at US$10,709; while British Virgin Islands visitors faced average costs of US$9,712 for the week.

In Jamaica, a breakdown of expenses showed hotel charges for seven days at US$1,582; flights cost US$2,313; meals worked out to US$506; while snorkel trips costs US$299. Regarding the cost of meals, Jamaica was surpassed only by the Dominican Republic, which had meal costs of US$490.

Meal prices included in the TripIndex specify the average cost of dinner for six nights for four people, consisting of a two-course meal - salad and fish fillet entrée - paired with two bottles of beer and two sodas. Prices are averaged from three mid-range restaurants.

Hotel prices included in the survey reflect the average cost of a seven-night stay in a hotel found on TripAdvisor and excluded all-inclusive resorts. About 40 hotels on average were included in the survey to determine price-points in each market.

TripAdvisor claims a reach of 260 million unique monthly visitors in 2013. The sites operate in 34 countries worldwide.

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