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Jamaica, once again, a priority market for Canadian business

Jamaica, once again, a priority market for Canadian business

Posted by PanamericanWorld on May 18, 2015

The High Commission of Canada welcomes the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and Nova Scotia Business Inc. trade mission to Jamaica once again this week. The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and Nova Scotia Business Inc. with the support of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service have brought delegations to Jamaica at least once a year, and sometimes up to three times a year for almost a decade with significant commercial successes in industries of importance to both Canada and Jamaica, including seafood, information technology, professional services, paper products and education.

"The relationship between Nova Scotia and the Caribbean, and specifically, Jamaica, has a long and rich history. The trade of rum for cod dating back hundreds of years has told the story of a friendship built on trust, tenacity and mutual respect", commented High Commissioner Ready during the welcome reception for trade mission delegates on May 11. The results of this modern day relationship are visible in the containers of Nova Scotia products that arrive at the Kingston port, the Nova Scotia products on the shelf at the supermarket, and the alliances between the Nova Scotian universities and partner institutions in Jamaica.

This year's trade mission to Jamaica builds on the momentum and networks established during previous trade missions to the Caribbean market, as well as the incoming trade missions hosted in Nova Scotia over the last several years, most recently, the Women in Business delegation from Jamaica that visited Halifax, Nova Scotia in March 2015.

Several of this year's delegates are embarking on their first foray into the Jamaican market and through targeted business-to-business and business-to-government meetings, have been exposed to a variety of potential commercial opportunities and future areas of collaboration.

For example, Saint Mary's University is partnering with the University of Technology to undertake study and research initiatives. The initiatives are funded under the Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarships (QES) programme. Student QES scholars from both institutions will engage in ICT, R&D or agro-food products study. Canadian scholars may intern in Jamaican companies to increase their international experience. Jamaican QES scholars will receive full tuition and living expenses while completing a Master degree at Saint Mary's University. QES scholars are expected to return to Jamaica, provide community leadership, and raise innovation capacity. The Canadian QES programme is a joint initiative of the Rideau Hall Foundation, Community Foundations Canada, and Universities Canada.

This year's delegation consists of:

Amos Pewter's skilled craftspeople and strong in-house design team create handcrafts pewter gifts and keepsakes.

Black Business Initiative is a business development organization committed to the long-term growth of entrepreneurs in a diverse range of business sectors.

CBCL Engineering is a multi-disciplinary engineering, project management and environmental consulting firm with expertise in sectors such as infrastructure (water and wastewater, marine, roads, bridges) energy, buildings, environmental and industrial.

Centre for Women in Business is Canada's only university-based business development centre exclusively for women entrepreneurs.

Dantra Specialty Products are experts in commercial flooring distribution and installation and operate import and export business for numerous other products.

Ian Thompson's consulting firm has experience in energy, public policy development, media and stakeholder relations and governance.

MeantMade is an apparel & fashion company that manufactures, designs, and sources products B2C and B2B.

Natural Ocean Products is an award winning marine biology tech Company that manufactures organic seaweed-based products for plant/crop nutrition, cosmetic/spa and nutraceutical industries.

Sobey School of Business offers a comprehensive suite of study options, including MBA and EMBA programs and is set apart by specialty programs such as the Master of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

St. Mary's University is a modern, urban university with more than 7,300 full and part-time students with a reputation for diversity with international students comprising just below 30 percent of enrollment.

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