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Jackeline Renteria: Colombian Wrestler Goes for Gold in Toronto

Jackeline Renteria: Colombian Wrestler Goes for Gold in Toronto

Posted by Sara Bello on March 17, 2015

Wrestler Jackeline Renteria is going to be one of the standard-bearers of Colombia’s delegation to Toronto Pan-American Games. In Canada Mrs. Renteria is going to stand for the gold medal she won in Guadalajara 2011, just as the previous step to her target: Rio 2016.

Woman is a synonym of constant struggle, but Jacky makes a living by wrestling. She is the only woman that has won two Olympic medals in Colombia. She has also been victorious in National, Bolivarian, South American, Central American and Pan-American Games, and she still has a lot to do and many rivals to defeat.

Mrs. Renteria started her sports career by practicing Judo at school, but the fact of being a distracted woman made her become the best wrestler in Colombia: “the Judo team was training near the Wrestling league. One day I took the wrong way, I saw the ankle boots they wear and I liked them: purple and black ankle boots. I’ve been practicing this sport ever since: 15 years already.”

Although both disciplines are different she easily adapted to the new sport. Jacky says that “both are contact sports, combat sports, there wasn’t much of a difference at the time. I had been practicing Judo for six months and that made wrestling be easier.”

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“Everything was step by step, stages, I’ve had great trainers in Cali and each of them complemented my style and helped me work on the character, technique and psyche; they made me believe I could go to the Olympic Games” the wrestler tells us about her sports career, which kick off with a title at Cali’s Municipal Tournament.

The sports career aspect is to be underlined, as this woman also studies at the university: Law and International Relations and Political Studies. She wants to work on these fields once she is done with Wrestling.

As a sportswoman and university student, she gets nothing without sacrifice. “I’ve made a lot of sacrifices, leaving college for semesters has been very hard; nonetheless, I’m aware that I cannot focus my life on graduating, yet it’s been a sacrifice. Spending two months without my family is very sad, but I have a dream and I must work hard to achieve it.”

2015 is a very important year for Jackeline due to the challenges on her way: fighting for the gold in Canada’s Pan-American Games is the utmost goal. “These are going to be my second Pan-American Games and I’m looking forward to ranking first again. God willing I’ll climb to the first position.”

In an effort to conquer the title at Toronto Pan-American Games, the Colombian wrestler points out that “we’re working hard as a team and the sponsors have provided great support. We had a 39-day tour and it was very positive. We worked with our mind on the World Tournament, Pan-American Games and Olympic Games. We’ll go to Mongolia, Italy and Sweden, so we can be in great shape for the Pan-American Games.”


Jacky practices a sport that requires physical strength, but she’s very feminine: “everything depends on your willingness, the fact of practicing a strong sport, a combat sport, must not put your female part aside. Just like all girls, I like high heels, makeup, skirts; sportswomen shouldn’t forget these elements.”

One of the main aspects to be kept in mind is her weight, not because of vanity, but professional requirements: “healthy and balanced food helps me keep the ideal weight. I already had an experience related to the loss of weight to compete and that’s the reason why I always do as I’m told by the doctors, nutritionist, physical trainer, so I can achieve my dream.”

This sport in Colombia “is positively supported, but there is a lot to do. Private companies should not only back up the athletes that already stand among the elite, but also those who could become international figures and win Olympic Games or World Championships in the future.”

That’s the dream of this twice Olympic medalist: “I dream about many children competing in Olympic Games and choosing sports as a way of life.”

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