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Internet traffic augmented 10% in Venezuela

Internet traffic augmented 10% in Venezuela

Posted by Dubraswka Aguilar on February 21, 2014

The majority of Venezuelan population has used Internet as the primary tool for information about the events that have recently occurred in the country.

Last February 12 a peaceful demonstration in Caracas ended up in violence, leaving three dead. Ever since, Venezuelans have increased their time surfing the Internet to look up for information of what is happening in the country that has the highest penetration of smart phones in the Americas.

Hooked on social networks like Twitter, people talk about what is happening, find out which roads are closed and where to move and read the reviews about the actions of politicians, who almost without exception have an account on this platform.

Visitors seem to have put aside the traditional media, and have demanded the net so much that navigation is being affected.

"We have had a huge demand for data during the last week, from the events of February 12," the vice president of technology infrastructure of Movistar Venezuela, Juan Comerma.

He explained that in Caracas data consumption increased by 35 %, in Valencia, the third largest city, the upsurge has been 20%, while in Barquisimeto has been 25 %.

"National average has jumped 10%, from one week to the other," Comerma said, stressing that such number was expected for the entire year.

Messaging tools like Twitter, which normally do not consume much bandwidth, have become more heavy media gateway to the links posted by users.

A few days ago, Twitter warned the malfunctioning network in Venezuela, stating that the images were being blocked in Venezuela, which, they said, could have been caused by the Government.

Venezuela's public telephone company CANTV replied denying these claims and remembering that Twitter's servers are not in Venezuela.

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