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Guyana welcomes Chinese Investors

Guyana welcomes Chinese Investors

Posted by Shanelle Weir on March 05, 2014

 Partnerships are indispensable to spurring Guyana to its fullest economic heights and, as such, President Donald Ramotar on Friday extended a welcoming hand to all Chinese investors.

Ramotar was at the time addressing the opening of the Chinese-owned Zhanghao Shipyard in Coverden, East Bank Demerara, and also the launch and naming ceremony for a logging vessel christened the “Yhan Heng freighter.” Also present were Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, Minister of Agriculture Dr. Leslie Ramsammy, and Chinese Ambassador to Guyana Zhang Limin.

“I want to extend special greetings to the Chinese investors who have come here and to let them know that they are welcome in Guyana,” Ramotar said.

The president noted that China has tremendous capabilities, evident by the tremendous progress that the country has made in just over three decades. China’s growth is also unmatched, when compared to equivalent countries in any part of the world, he said.

“To see how fast that country has grown in just over three decades, speaks volumes for Chinese investors and their readiness to take risks. It also speaks volumes of their skills, of their traditions and customs, and their dedication to work and labor, and that is something we hope that we can emulate in our country,” the president said.

He pointed out that Guyana has seen many examples of the effectiveness and efficiency of the Chinese investors’  work in the country’s infrastructure development.

“We saw their work at the Convention Centre (the Guyana International Conference Centre), we are seeing it now at the Marriott Hotel, they way they have produced, and the quality of work that is being produced, and we see it in the rest of the region, how much they have invested,” he said.

“So on behalf of the government and people of Guyana I want to express our sincere thanks to the Chinese government, people and investors, and to say that I look forward to, and I am ready to say openly that we are going to put all the facilities available that we give to investors, to try to attract more investments from China in our country, to help us build Guyana and help us reach the full potential that this country can achieve,” he said.

Infrastructure development is indispensible to Guyana achieving its full potential, and to reach this height, the country’s partnership with Chinese communities is extremely important and vital, he underscored.

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