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Global study names Toronto best city in the world to live in for youth

Global study names Toronto best city in the world to live in for youth

Posted by PanamericanWorld on December 03, 2015

Toronto is the best city to live in the world for youth, according to a study by Citi Bank's 'Citi Foundation' in partnership with The Economist's Intelligence Unit (EIU). Citi Foundation's 'Accelerating Pathways' initiative took an in-depth look at how 35 global cities support young people's economic ambitions, through establishing the Youth Economic Strategy (YES) Index and conducting more than 5,000 expert interviews. Toronto outranked New York City, Chicago, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Toronto top-ranked global city according to Youth Economic Strategy Index

The YES Index is comprised of 31 indicators, 24 of which were collected through The Economist's Intelligence Unit (EIU) and The World Bank, while the remaining seven qualitative insights came through secondary research and interviews of at least 150 youth from each of the 35 global cities. The indicators are grouped into four categories: government support and institutional framework for youth, employment and entrepreneurship, education and training, and human and social capital. Toronto either finished first, or tied for first in 10 of the indicators, including at least one in each of the four categories.

Toronto leads the world in government support and institutional framework for youth

Within the government support and institutional framework for youth category, Toronto placed first in two indicators: local government support for youth, and local government data collection and evaluation of youth programmes, claiming second overall in the category. Authors of the report applaud the city's 'Working as One' youth strategy, and mention the many programs offered by provincial and federal levels of government that support Toronto's young people. The Ontario Youth Jobs Strategy, for example, invested close to $300 million over two years to connect 30,000 youth with the tools, experiences and entrepreneurial support they need to find employment and start their own business.

Toronto claims second place in employment and entrepreneurship category

Toronto placed second in the employment and entrepreneurship category, while ranking first in four indicators: ease in doing business, presence and effectiveness of youth networks, quality of employment opportunities and depth of financing [for youth]. At the city level, the report names the Partnership to Advance Youth Employment (PAYE) as the most important program. Established in 2009, PAYE is a joint initiative between private-sector employees and the City of Toronto which helps improve access to economic opportunities for Toronto's youth.

Toronto performs well in education and training

On the heels of the University of Toronto receiving accolades for being one of the top-ranked universities in the world, Toronto had a strong performance in the education and training category. In a country that boasts the highest rate of adults with post-secondary education among OECD countries, it is no surprise that Toronto offers the best access to financing for tertiary education. However, it also offers unparalleled access to technology, according to the index. This helped Toronto finish nearly 10 points above the average at 11th place.

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