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Four Athletes to Keep in Mind in Toronto

Four Athletes to Keep in Mind in Toronto

Posted by Dubraswka Aguilar on June 29, 2015

Athletics is likely to be one of the most interesting and popular sports during Toronto Pan-American Games. Although we won’t see some stars from Jamaica and the United States, two powers in the region, several outstanding athletes are going to compete at the Canadian city. Will they break any record? PanamericanWorld gives you details on four remarkable athletes that have been penciled in as favorites to win the title and they could break a record in their specialty.

Pedro Pablo Pichardo (Cuba, Triple Jump)

This triple jumper, world number 2 in 2013, has been the most acclaimed athlete of the athletics season. Pichardo has won all of the tests included in the IAAF’s Diamond League and he made history by reaching 18.08 meters, the third largest jump of all times, only surpassed by British Jonathan Edwards’ 18.29 meters and US Kenny Harrison’s 18.09 meters. “Having obtained this result here meant a lot to me as many people were eager to see me jump beyond 18 meters in my country, since I had already done it when I was overseas”, Pichardo explain after the great performance.

The Pan Am record in triple jump is one of the oldest records and it was set in Mexico Games, back in 1975, when Brazilian Joao Carlos de Oliveira jumped 17.89 meters. If we take into account Pichardo’s physical condition, it doesn’t seem too hard to foresee that the tall and slim Cuban athlete is going to have his name written on the records book in Toronto.

Denia Caballero (Cuba, Discus Throwing)

The Cuban discus thrower is one of the surprises of the season. She recently threw the discus up to 70.65 meters, so she presently heads the world ranking in this specialty.

“I’m feeling great and I’m ready to compete again”, the athlete said, and she’s the main candidate to win the gold in Toronto. Since her victory in Veracruz Central American and Caribbean Games, back in November 2014, Ms. Caballero has improved her results. In May she reached 69.61 meters during the Cuba Cup and this amazing launch took place in Spain.

Four years ago, in Guadalajara Pan-American Games, Caballero got the bronze medal with 58.63 meters. Now, in Toronto, she seems to have no rivals. The record for the Games was set in 2011 by Cuban (already retired) Yarelis Barrios, with 66.40 meters. If we analyze the rising career of Ms. Caballero throughout the first half of 2015, it wouldn’t be risky to say that she’s a strong candidate to leave Barrios’ record behind.

Caterine Ibarguen (Colombia, Triple Jump)

This 31-year-old Colombian athlete has everything. She stands out in triple jump, but she’s also brilliant in long jump, as well as high. She ranked second in London Olympic Games and she was the world champion in Moscow, 2013, always in triple jump. Caterine Ibarguen was the winner in Guadalajara Games with 14.92 meters, a Pan Am record that made her outrank the favorite, Cuban Yargelis Savigne. In 2015, 14.88 meters has been the Colombian athlete’s finest result in triple jump, obtained on May 29, at Hayward Field, Eugene, Oregon. This result falls below her record in 2011; nevertheless, Ibarguen has proven to be a competitive athlete and, when the time comes in Toronto, we shouldn’t be surprised if this veteran jumps nearly 15 meters and surpasses her own record.

Yarisley Silva (Cuba, Pole Vault)

The Cuban pole-vaulter has been the best Iberian American representative of this discipline over the past five years. Her career includes the second position in 2012 London and the World Title in 2013 Moscow; she was the Pan-American champion in Guadalajara and the Central-American in Veracruz.

In 2011 Ms. Silva jumped over 4.75 meters and set a Pan Am record. In 2015, Silva hasn’t had the best season and her finest result has been the third position reached in Shanghai, Diamond League, with 4.58 meters.

However, just like Ibarguen, Silva has proven that she knows how to grow in confidence when it’s necessary, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if the Cuban athlete tries to break her own record.

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