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First Islandfit Games a huge success

First Islandfit Games a huge success

Posted by Shanelle Weir on April 28, 2014

Shouts of encouragement and grunts of effort emanated from the Barbados Community College Gymnasium on Saturday when the inaugural Barbados Islandfit Games sifted through the sands to find the fittest male and female in Barbados. The event which was put on by Crossfit Islandfit saw approximately 40 athletes lifting, squatting and pushing their way to healthy lifestyles.

Top prizes of $1 000 and $500 respectively for the first-placed male and female were awarded after participants made it through three courses throughout the day. There were also team competitions which tested the chemistry and strategy of the numerous units. Among the competitors were some visitors from Trinidad and Tobago which helped to make up the 20 males and 13 females in the individual competition.

Speaking to The Barbados Advocate, Head Coach at Crossfit Islandfit, Cary Holder explained that crossfit offered an opportunity for persons to get and stay fit and allowed for retired sportspersons to stay competitive. “The thinking behind it was that we needed to give the Caribbean athletes, Barbadian athletes in particular, something that you can do when your tennis career is over, when your sprinting career is over. There are a lot of athletes out there and a lot of people with an athletic mentality so you need to give them an avenue to express their athleticism going forward,” he said.

Stating that the idea is relatively new to the world, getting started somewhere around the turn of the century, Holder added that Crossfit Islandfit and Crossfit 246 were the pioneers in terms of the 'box' mentality in Barbados having gotten off the ground just over a year ago. 

He did, however, stress that they are not the first crossfitters on island. For the skeptical, Holder explained that there is a science behind crossfit and it is not 'made up as you went'. “Proper crossfit programming is not random, it is very scientific. What you will always see Olympic power-lifting and you will always see body-weight or gymnastic movements. If I had to distill it down to any two things; it would be Olympic movements and gymnastic movements and that's what crossfit is all about and anything you see here is a derivative or related to those things,” he explained. (MP)

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