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Facebook-Organized Multicultural Learning Sessions: A deeper look at Hispanic Consumers

Facebook-Organized Multicultural Learning Sessions: A deeper look at Hispanic Consumers

Posted by Shanelle Weir on January 26, 2015

Facebook hosted a multicultural learning session last fall, which educated attendees on the scope of the multicultural media market, the benefits of impactful social traffic and the weight of multicultural spending. 

Lee Vann, the CEO of Captura Group, attended the event and penned an article for MediaPost, sharing his experiences during the learning session, as well as takeaways from a multicultural study that was presented at the event. The conference was well attended, drawing 200+ professionals and experts from across the nation working in the Hispanic market (publishing, media and multimedia marketing). And the message that was most communicated to the attendees was the importance of "tradigital media," at a time when the multicultural market has unseated the mainstream.

According to Vann, attendees were granted an early glimpse into a study entitled "Digital Diversity: A Closer Look at US Hispanics." That study unveiled the digital lives of U.S.-based Hispanic and multicultural, showing that Hispanics are highly active social media users and mobile device users. This is particularly true when interacting with friends and family; enjoying the festive moments of their diverse lives; and sparking and continuing conversations about the countless brands they follow.

Facebook, the $200 billion social media platform, educated marketers about the needs and wants of the new mainstream consumer, via data that showcases Hispanic Facebook behavior. Data showed that Hispanics not only spend ample hours on the web sharing their interests, but they're also telling stories and offering their opinions. And the Hispanic consumer often tells their story in ways that attracts marketers.

By disclosing their relationship statuses, the restaurants they frequent, their joys and their 'likes,' marketers are able to leverage that info...and they can then tell their own stories through brand marketing. Marketers understand how to catch the eye of their target consumer ...because they know their consumer in a genuine way. And that sincerity can drive growth.

The effectiveness of  "brand storytelling" is untold; however Facebook's 26 million Hispanic monthly users prove that digital media can give traditional outlets, such as Univision (32.7 million) and Telemundo (29.9 million), a run for its money. Facebook can offer brands impressive video products, which aligns with the way Latinos spend their time on the net.

Making mobile usage a priority, the Facebook study revealed that Hispanics spend an average of 35 minutes on Facebook and 11 minutes on Instagram on their mobile devices (representing 21 percent of Hispanic's mobile time). Comparably, Hispanics spend a mere 0.70 minutes on their mobiles on Univision properties, showing that adverts would are best engaged as videos, in news feeds, and across screens.

Facebook is the go-to social platform for U.S. Hispanics who're looking to communicate with loved ones (with Twitter and Instagram following closely behind). Approximately 71 percent of U.S. Hispanics use Facebook to connect with loved ones each day, and nearly half (48 percent) of 'friends' are family members (compared to 36 percent for the total population). Additionally, 60 percent of U.S. Hispanics using Facebook Messenger are connecting with family and friends outside of the U.S.

What does this mean to marketers? Videos and ads that appear in news feeds capture the interest of 56 percent of U.S. Hispanics. Also, bilingual Hispanics and Spanish-dominant Hispanics are the most receptive to video ads, particularly female users. To reach this audience, strategist must offer culturally relevant content that uses imagery, language and a compelling brand story.

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