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The Dominican Blue Jays

The Dominican Blue Jays

Posted by PanamericanWorld on May 03, 2014

Just as if it had been part of a script written by one of the best Hollywood writers, on Sunday April 27, 2014, history was made in the city of Toronto, Canada. What happened was a mixture of a past full of talent, a promising present and a future that would turn out to be a combination of both.

A franchise, a city, and a sport intimately linked to the Dominican Republic, wrote in the history of baseball the golden letters to all fans in both North America and in the island that Dominicans and Haitians share.

When deciding the line-up of the Toronto Blue Jays, the American John Gibbons probably had no clue of what the consequences of his writings were going to be, or that they were going to split the history of Dominican baseball in two; a before and an after.

On this date, a sunny afternoon at the Rogers Centre of Toronto, the most Dominicans were placed on a baseball line-up ever. Of 10 players, 7 Dominicans started on the field. This new record became more important when a pitcher went to the field and blended in with the others, as the eighth Quisqueyan.

This was something never seen before, 7 of the 10 players were from the same country. Not even Cuba with it's large amount of natives from before the revolution, or Venezuela or Japan had ever reached those numbers. The sons of Quisqueya made Toronto their special home again. This Sunday José Reyes from Villa González, a village to the north of the Dominican capital, Santo Domingo, a municipality of the second most important city of the country; Santiago;  served as the first batter for the team in blue.

Second in the line-up was Melky Cabrera born in Haina, an industrial township west of Santo Domingo. The third one to bat was the two-time leader of the quadrangular, and the holder of most home-runs in a season record of the franchise; José Bautista.

Fourth, a son of one of the most famous cities in the world due to tourism, La Romana, was the one in charge of making the runs. Offspring of two athletes, Edwin Encarnación was on the first seat of the Blue Jays. 

Sixth was the new addition to the Blue Jays, Juan Francisco, who was labeled as the batter. The seventh up to bat was for Moisés Sierra, one of the future stars of the Blue Jays and one of the most expensive Dominican baseball players. The seventh Dominican was Jonathan Diaz, placed as ninth to bat and the second baseman of the Canadian team.

Esmil Rogers also came to the game, who summed up a seven to one in the victory over the Boston Red Sox. Never before had so many Dominicans played together in the professional leagues. It's just as if the Barcelona FC put 8 Brazilians out of the eleven to start on the field, or Real Madrid played eight Argentinians on their team. Something extremely unlikely.

But as we were saying the story between Canada and the Dominican Republic is not surprising for those who follow the sport. This story is sealed by men that have contributed to an amazing result.

From Epy Guerrero, the biggest scout in the history of baseball, to José Bautista, the script between the Toronto Blue Jays and the creole lands has been written in a way that is as if it were a dream that came true.

Since 1981 the Blue Jays have had a home in the Dominican Republic. They've always had plenty of Dominicans in their line-ups, and of great quality. From a player who is considered the best defence in the league, to the best batter in a baseball quadrangular, going through many of young players in many different levels. Without a doubt the contribution of the Dominican Republic to the Blue Jays has been spectacular.

On conclusion, we would like to invite you to learn more about the successful franchise and the lands where talent for the highest level of organized baseball comes from. The contribution of "Don Epy Guerrero", Tony Fernández, George Bell, José Bautista, Juan Guzmán, among other representatives of Caribbean baseball in North American lands. 

Written by Vian Araujo. PanamericanWorld. República Dominicana

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