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Coca Cola Femsa has grown in Venezuela

Coca Cola Femsa has grown in Venezuela

Posted by Dubraswka Aguilar on August 27, 2014

The Mexican transnational Company, with presence in nine countries of the region, including Mexico, has a good performance in Venezuela due to its Alliance with Coca Cola.

The General Director of Femsa, Carlos Salazar, explained that are expected good results for this market. To the date, Coca Cola Femsa has shown a 7% growth in the country and it is estimated to keep or exceed this trend at the end of 2014, specified Karing Roland Knebusch , Investment Manager Relations of Coca-Cola Femsa.

These statements were made in the Media Trip Femsa event that is organized since 2008 with reporters from the countries in which the company operates. The activities are held between Mexico City and Monterrey.

In Venezuela, the organization has been able to overtake obstacles in its effectiveness and is looking for, as in the rest of its plants, to be more efficient. The National Exterior Commerce Center (Cencoex Spanish initials) released to Coca Cola $110 million, which the Company has been able to respond with the different products that the Venezuelan consumer demands. “Despite the complexities, we have reached some selling records. There is always light at the end of the tunnel,” says Salazar, who assumed to lead the corporation in a relationship that is stronger every day.

In the case of Venezuela, growth expectations are kept. “We are like the country we operate. Until today we have been able to continue operations with good management capacity. We have reached all selling and production records in Venezuela.” This local strength means four plants and 10,000 collaborators, the way this organization called its workers.

For now, this growth will keep with the current production capacity; however, in a future the Company can add another production plant, explained Knebusch.

Salazar believes that a long term existence of the organization, since 1890, is the reason why the Company has strengthened  its labor relations with a sustainability objective that includes environmental issues, nutrition and support to entrepreneurs.

The Mexican emporium feels proud of being contributed with $2.300 million in tax payments in 2013 in the countries of the region. 

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