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Chile celebrates it´s video games week

Chile celebrates it´s video games week

Posted by José Peralta on August 07, 2014

Less than one month is left for the event that will reunite specialists, students, amateurs, enthusiasts and people interested in learning and experiencing the real work required within the video games industry, both in Chile and worldwide.

The purposes of the event are to spread the gaming industry in Chile, to emphasize its relevancy in both the national and the international sphere, to promote the technical and scientific knowledge about the video games production, and to generate new video game ideas and start-ups.

In short, this event was made to celebrate the “gamer” culture in a Chilean context.

The main activities of this exciting event will be organized on three parallel stages:

The first one is called Ciclo de Charlas y Talleres de la Semana del Videojuego 2014 (Series of Talks, Lectures and Workshops) and it will be held from August 20th to the 22nd at the Teatro DUOC UC L90.

The event will consist of a series of 12 expositions oriented to professionals, students, and enthusiasts that seek to raise their knowledge of joining to the video games industry.

Hosts of the talks, lectures and workshops are both from Chile and internationals from Peru, Argentina, Colombia and the U.S.–each of whom will give spectators insight on their own unique experience working in the video game industry and their impact on its development.

The second activity is the Videogames Extreme Workshop 2014, which will be held on August 23rd and the 24th on the Campus San Joaquín of the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María. This is essentially a game jam, which will consist of a free development challenge, where approximately 200 students and amateur developers work as a team in an uninterrupted 24-hour session to create a video game prototype.

The final activity will be the Laboratorio de Videojuegos Científicos, and it will be held from August 22nd to the 24th. In this stage, there will be a second gamejam, however, it will be oriented exclusively to professionals involved in the video game industry. They will work in an uninterrupted 48-hour session to develop a full video game or a prototype, of which, has the main objective of giving players knowledge about a specific branch of science.

The Video Games Week is mainly organized for VG Chile (Chilean Association of Video Games Developers); CNCA (Area for New Media of the Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes), and USM Games from the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María. Logitech, Construct 2 and Unity3D are the main sponsors of this event.

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