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The Central American pools surrender to Albert Subirats

The Central American pools surrender to Albert Subirats

Posted by Dubraswka Aguilar on November 20, 2014

At 28 and with 15 gold medals, Albert Subirats became the top winner of medals for a swimmer in the history of the Central American and Caribbean competitions. His participation on Wednesday allowed Venezuela retakes the third place in the official medal rank.

The 50m butterfly competition again became important in the career of the Venezuelan Albert Subirats. At that distance he won the World short course in 2010 and on Tuesday, in Mexico, he won a gold medal that made him the historical king of Central American and Caribbean pools.

In his fourth and last CAC Subirats won the gold medal to reach 12 -the maximum amount for a swimmer in this Olympic cycle- since he debuted in San Salvador in 2002 with just 15 years old and from where he returned with a medal. Subirats, focuses in his participation at the World Short Course in Doha in a couple of weeks, does not want to talk about the record. On Saturday, on the podium for the first time in Veracruz for bronze medal in 100m freestyle, he said he doesn´t kept track of his medals.

"I do not know my record, I'll have time to count the medals when I retire," he told news agencies. "At this point in my life I enjoy every day and now, now I'm preparing for the World Cup short-course and swimming in Veracruz will be a very good training."

"It's very nice to keep adding personal achievements and serve to help my country," he tersely said on Tuesday at the Aquatic Center Reform Laws in Boca del Rio, Veracruz, with the gold around his neck.

The relay

That was the metal 18 for the CAC for the 28 years old Venezuelan athlete, who feels he is about to say goodbye. Before saying goodbye he will seek a quota for the Olympics in Rio 2016.

"These will be my last Central American and Caribbean, but I am happy because the next generation of leaders is very good and swimming will be in good hands," said the Venezuelan regarding this discipline in the past three Olympic cycles.

Subirats won a gold medal in San Salvador 2002, five gold medals in Cartagena in 2006 and five more in Mayagüez in 2010. The medals won in Puerto Rico allowed him to also meet the Venezuelan Alberto Mestre as the top winner of titles in the regional competition.

His time of 24.01 in Veracruz is far from the 22.40 with which he became world champion in Dubai and 23.75 which had four years ago, in Mayagüez, but enough to regain his crown. In the Puerto Rican appointment had to settle for silver, behind Octavio Alesi.

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