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Canada's most innovative technology companies are from Toronto-Waterloo technology corridor

Canada's most innovative technology companies are from Toronto-Waterloo technology corridor

Posted by PanamericanWorld on November 10, 2015

According to the 2015 Canadian Innovation Exchange (CIX) Top 20-selection committee, 12 out of 20 of the hottest, most innovative Canadian technology companies are from Ontario. A committee of investors and professionals from finance and technology industries selected the top Canadian companies, which will have the opportunity to present their innovative products and concepts at the 2015 Canadian Innovation Exchange (CIX).

Meanwhile, Ottawa's Shopify will be honored as "Innovator of the Year," an award that was in the hands of Toronto's Vision Critical in 2014, and Waterloo's Desire2Learn in 2013. Every year, CIX releases a list of the most innovative Canadian technology companies to present at the CIX. The event attracts leading technology companies, investors, and entrepreneurs interested in exchanging ideas to accelerate the growth of their businesses. MaRS will host this year's CIX event.

Among the 12 most innovative Canadian technology companies from Ontario, all are from the Toronto-Waterloo technology corridor. They include the following:

Miovision of Kitchener-Waterloo is a creator of smart city technologies that improve the transportation experience for everyone by reducing traffic congestion and improving safety.

Aislelabs of Toronto provides location-based marketing analytics to Retailers, shopping malls, international airports, and renues. The platform offers its clients the ability to market to customers via mobile, email and social channels based on behavioural patterns of shoppers in store and online.

Beagle of Kitchener-Waterloo helps its clients avoid the pains of dealing with contracts. Its solution offers automatic contract analysis, together with real-time collaboration that uses artificial intelligence to learn from each experience, providing personalized results.

Plooto of Toronto offers its clients an easy way to manage B2B payments online by streamlining the accounts payable and receivable experience in addition to integrating into existing workflows.

PiinPoint of Kitchener-Waterloo helps businesses discover, validate, and grow locations. The company's online platform offers data such as demographics, traffic and real estate listings. of Kitchener-Waterloo is cloud-based software that harnesses the power of behavioural science and predictive analytics to identify job applicants with the best potential for success.

Q4 Web Systems
Q4 is a Toronto-based SaaS platform that provides Investor Relations communication and intelligence solutions to hundreds of publicly traded companies to help them better understand and engage with the capital markets.

Redtree Robotics
Redtree Robotics of Kitchener-Waterloo has built the first computer for robots. At the intersection of wireless and robotics, Redtree allows groups of robots to collaborate and share data.

Rubikloud Technologies
Rubikloud of Toronto is a retail intelligence platform that uses modern data science to turn retail data into actionable insights.

Statflo of Toronto helps wireless carriers build authentic relationships with its customers while empowering sales staff to offer more relevant upsells.

Synbiota of Toronto is changing how the world works with DNA. Their genetic engineering technology enables anyone to start programming the DNA of living cells, an activity normally performed only by researchers. This enables people to learn about genetic engineering and to create sustainable solutions for medicine, materials, food, and fuel.

Thalmic Labs
Thalmic Labs of Kitchener-Waterloo is pioneering new ways of interacting with digital devices. With a mission to merge people and technology, the company is revolutionizing how we will interact with technology in the future.

ThinkData Works
ThinkData of Toronto aggregates information from all levels of government and other public sources, allowing developers, businesses, and citizens to access high value data in standard useable formats.

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