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Calypso Monarch Finalists announced

Calypso Monarch Finalists announced

Posted by Shanelle Weir on February 23, 2014

Hundreds of patrons chanted in protest of the late start of the 72nd Annual Calypso Monarch semi-finals, with many demanding a refund from show organiser the Trinbago Unified Calypsonians Organisation (TUCO) yesterday. The large crowd, which had lined the streets around Skinner Park, San Fernando, hours before the scheduled midday start, clapped and protested for the show to begin, while Master of Ceremonies Wendell Etienne begged for patience, citing technical difficulties. 

Shouts of “We want we money back”, and “What is the matter?”, were heard continuously for almost two hours until the competition kicked off, much to the relief of the patrons, many of whom stood in the uncovered stands in the blistering heat. The first cotestant,  Snakey (Heaven Charles) ,subdued the crowed with his energetic performance of “The Dhoti Song”. 

The eagerly awaited performance of Body Guard (Roger Mohammed’s) song “False Papers” went down well with the crowd, as they sang along to his controversial ditty about people in executive positions who have false resumes. Body Guard made headline news earlier this month after he was allegedly criticised by  Sugar Aloes  (Michael Osouna) for his controversial song. 

Osouna, a two-time national calypso monarch, who opted to stay out of the competition, was backstage during the performance. The crowd cheered Body Guard on and raised placards with “Big Yard Song”, “Thank you Lord/No Sugar Aloes” and “Aloes Take Dat”. Body Guard left a trail in his wake but other forceful performances saw Rondell Donawa’s “Yes We Can”, King Luta (Morel Peters) with “No Guns No Weapons”, Heather McIntosh with “Nutten Eh Good”, Amrika Mutroo with “Doh Judge Meh”, Bunny B  (Neville Brown) with “Milk” and Mistah Shak (Selvon Noel) with “Bois” also mustering a ripple effect with the several posses in varying colours.

Opposition Leader and political leader of the People’s National Movement Dr Keith Rowley mingled with patrons throughout the evening. From the 40 competitors, 11 will challenge reigning Calypso Monarch Pink Panther Eric Taylor at the Dimanche Gras on Carnival Sunday night for a chance to take home the first prize of $1 million.

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