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Blogger Luisa Cárdenas, an influential Venezuelan in Latam

Blogger Luisa Cárdenas, an influential Venezuelan in Latam

Posted by Dubraswka Aguilar on May 24, 2014

A young lady from a Venezuelan city called Barquisimeto, started, almost two years ago, personal project under the name of ''Una tal Luisa'' (“Some Luisa”) a blog that combines fashion with interviews to national designers and art celebrities.

Despite her young age (22 years-old) Luisa assumes with passion and responsibility an entrepreneurship that has allowed her to become one of the most influential fashion bloggers in Latin America, according to Buzzfeed. Nowadays, has 22 thousand visits per month, 13 thousand followers in Instagram and a similar number in Twitter and Facebook; a whole virtual community that look forward to her pictures, posts and comments on looking well on every occasion.

Seven brands backup her growth through publicity in her blog, and others, such as Athiopica and Lancome, have named her their Ambassador. Venezuela, Mexico, Guatemala and the United States concentrate the biggest amount of ''friends'' Luisa has made in her career.

As romantic as her style, Luisa says that her first great inspiration was her grandmother, the woman who raised her. ''When my friends were 15, they all looked the same, they wore exactly the same clothes. Then mu granny showed me her photo album, and there I realised I could do something different. I finished High School in Barquisimeto and I went to Paris to study French for one year. I guess that's where my affair with fashion started''.

Imbued with her family's publicity environment, Luisa says that she saw a business in the blogger's world and she decided to start her own. ''Only one month after starting my blog, I already had a banner for publicity, the help of other Venezuelan bloggers as allies and invitations for fashion shows''.

The growth of UnatalLuisa hasn't stopped. ''From the beginning, my only secret has been taking initiatives and not waiting for it to happen. If you feel like it, and you deeply and blindly believe in yourself and in what you're doing, the chances of success are huge''.

A matter of style.

Given the influence of her grandmother, Luisa defines her personal style such as vintage, with the presence of many dark, winter colours, such as brown and black.

''UnatalLuisa has a romantic style, a sweet style, I'd rather buy in second hand shops than spending loads of money on an expensive store'', she states.

In that sense, she reminds us her classic sense of fashion and her principles: investing in the classics and avoiding trends, a white blouse and a good black shirt up to your knees are a good example of this. ''I intend to tell my followers to create their own styles, they should know their bodies, they should know what magazines don't know about them''.

When asked about what outfit she wears the most, she answers, without hesitation, the skirt. ''Although I sometimes can wear a leather jacket, jeans, boots and surprise everyone; I try to experiment with fashion, I think that's all the fun of this''.

Latin American acknowledgement.

''I honestly don't know how I became influential, although I do recognize that all of this moves me'', she admits. ''In Venezuela, there are many fashion bloggers with a personal style, and I've made friends with them, we've created a community. particularly, from the very beginning I took the blog very seriously, you have to be consistent, if you're not there just for a few days, someone will say something about it. This is my job and I win for doing it. It is an honour to be a reference for Latin American girls''.

These are her words on being named, by BuzzFeed, one of the most influential bloggers in the region, an acknowledgement she shares with another Venezuelan, Mey Feng.

Part of the strategy of Lucía Cárdenas is exploiting an agenda according to the days of the week. ''On Mondays I write about Beauty, on Tuesdays topics are usually free, although I try to make reference to different personalities, On Wednesdays I work on personal styles and on Thursdays I upload interviews to national talents'', she explains.

When asked about national designers, she expresses that there is a very good human capital in this area, despite ''designing in Venezuela is an agony; everything that is done in Venezuela receives too much applause. Our designers are brave because they believe and fight for what they do''

She emphasizes that she loves variety in Venezuelan fashion ''sometimes style can be deeply European, and suddenly colours and patterns come up''.

Facing the future, Luisa explains that once she finishes her studies in Social Communication, she would like to study Fashion Marketing. She believes her blog has enough potential to migrate to television or radio.

While that moment comes, her proud grandmother looks at Luisa and tells her ''when I grow up, I want to be like you''.

Just like Luisa, many other young Venezuelans have become bloggers that have gained the trust and respect from their followers and brands that back them up. Many are the original and witty names used to define them, and many are the topics to talk about as well. 'The Bipolar Chigüire'', just to mention one of them, was discussed by The New York Times and the BBC, due to its extraordinary combination of journalism, raw social criticism and an intelligent sense of humour.

The doors are now open to know the Venezuelans who express themselves through blogs, their specialized vision about the topics that identify them and the hobbies that made of them regional referents.

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