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Best Canadian Athletes in 2015

Best Canadian Athletes in 2015

Posted by Miguel Ernesto on December 31, 2015

2015 was a spectacular year for Canadian sport. The numbers certainly speak of it: the athletes of the northern country won 18 medals, three of which were golden, in different world championships and that total went up to 21, also with 3 gold medals, in tournaments related to winter sports. The best moments were undoubtedly lived in Toronto Pan-Am Games, where the local delegation delivered its finest historical performance in the utmost sports event of the continent, by collecting 78 titles and finishing second, way in front of such powerful regional representatives as Brazil and Cuba.

Who were the most outstanding Canadian athletes? PanamericanWorld proposes an approach to the victories achieved by stars like Jonathan Toews, Kadeisha Buchanan and Shawnacy Barber.

Carey Price – Goalkeeper of the Montreal Canadiens (NHL)

This goalkeeper was given the Lou Marsh award to the best athlete of the year in Canada. So he became the ninth ice hockey player to be handed such distinction and the first goalkeeper to reach it. His numbers in the 2014-2015 season of NHL were amazing: his team won 44 out of the 66 games where he played; moreover, he allowed a goal average of .196 and his percentage of shots stopped was the highest of the league: 933.

Andre De Grasse - Athletics

This sprinter played the leading role in Toronto Pan-Am Games. He was victorious in 100 and 200 meter dash and, in the World Championship held in Beijing, he showed that what had happened a month before that event wasn’t by chance, since he got the bronze medal in 100 meters and he was only surpassed by two stars: Usain Bolt and Justin Gatlin. He set a personal record in that race, with 9.92 seconds. Afterwards, in short relay, he joined Aaron Brown, Brendon Rodney and Justyn Warner, who ran for another bronze medal.

Kadeisha Buchanan - Soccer

Canada hosted its first women’s World Soccer Championship and, although the local team was taken out by England in quarterfinals, one of its players, 19-year-old Kadeisha Buchanan, was described as the main revelation of the event.

The girl played every minute and her skill level greatly dazzled FIFA, so the organization gave her the Award to the Best Young Soccer Player of the tournament.

Ellie Black – Gymnastics

Several Canadian athletes stood out in Toronto Pan-Am Games, so handpicking one among so many champions is a hard task; however, nobody can deny the presence of 20-year-old gymnast Ellie Black on this list, since she climbed to the podium five times.

She prevailed in the competition as the highest scorer, thus leaving behind US Madison Desch and Brazilian Flavia Saraiva; furthermore, she won titles in floor exercises and horizontal bar. She finished second as a member of the Canadian team in the multiple competition and she was third in pommel horse. She later participated in the Word Championship, organized in Glasgow, where she was ranked seventh in the competition of highest scorers, thus helping Canada’s team qualify to Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games.

Shawnacy Barber - Athletics

This pole-vaulter gave Canada its first world title in 12 years, by winning Beijing with a 5.90 meter jump. He had shone in the Pan-Am Games, where he conquered the gold above 5.80 meters.

In the World Championship carried out in Beijing, the Canadian athletics won another gold medal with Derek Drouin, who won the high jump test, with 2.34 meters. These two titles, complemented by the medals obtained by the sprinters, helped Canada occupy the seventh position in the event.

Jonathan Toews – Leader of the Chicago Blackhawks, NHL Champions

The captain of the Blackhawks and twice Olympic champion was very productive during the playoff of the 2014-2015 season and his 10 goals helped his team win the NHL Stanley Cup, third time in six years.

On June 25, Toews was granted the Mark Messier Leadership Award, for his commitment and services to the community, as well as the leading role he played on the field; moreover, he won the ESPY Award given by ESPN to the Best NHL Player in 2015.

Kia Nurse – Basketball

This player was the leader of the Canadian national basketball team that conquered its first title in the history of Pan-Am Games, and she later stood out by winning the gold and qualifying to 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games in the FIBA Americas Championship, organized in Edmonton.

In the Pan-American Games, Canada faced the United States in the finals and Nurse’s performance was excellent, since she shot 33 out of the 81 points scored by her team. Afterwards, in the game for the FIBA Americas title, against Cuba, Nurse was also the leader and scored 20 points, so she was labeled as the Best Player of the event.

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