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Barbados needs the skills of experienced manufacturers

Barbados needs the skills of experienced manufacturers

Posted by Shanelle Weir on July 10, 2014

There is a need in Barbados to marshal the skills of all the experienced manufacturers of the 1980s to help save the manufacturing industry.

Trevor “Job” Clarke made the suggestion yesterday while making another plug for Barbados to get its manufacturing back on course in light of the difficulties he is facing.

“Industry in Barbados needs fresh opportunity based on recent statements by Donville Inniss, Minister of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development,” Clarke said while speaking to The Barbados Advocate yesterday.

The Minister earlier this week promised to bring more state assistance to local manufacturers while noting that several of the competing imported products benefit from support in their country of origin. He has also called on Barbadians to engage more in the Buy Local campaign.

Clarke reasoned that the sector is performing the same way the Brazilians have been doing in the current Football World Club. According to him, Brazil would have done better had there been a mix of experienced and younger players and the team would not have been humiliated the way it did in the last match against Germany. Brazil was thumped 7-1. 

“Barbados industry mirrors the defeat of Brazil, just like how Brazil floundered, industry in Barbados has floundered,” Clarke declared.

Clarke said that with the new crop of people in industry in Barbados, the sector still requires the older players who have gone into the export market place and triumphed.

He recalled that the best experience for Barbados was when the island became the first CARICOM country to take a trade mission to the Bahamas, led by David “Joey” Harper and secured an opening for Barbadian exports.

“Since then no serious manufacturer of the modern version has even gone to The Bahamas to sell a black belly sheep. They don’t have the experience even though they are bright, and very talented,” he said.

Clarke wants the Minister to get on with the business of improving the sector since it is being demonstrated in the United States, and in some European countries that manufacturing has a role to play.

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