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'The Axeman' Takes Out 'Raging Bull' In Fifth Round

'The Axeman' Takes Out 'Raging Bull' In Fifth Round

Posted by Shanelle Weir on June 02, 2014

"Darchinyan fought just how we hoped that he would, and Nicholas took care of business," said Jacques Deschamps, the manager of Jamaica's Nicholas 'The Axeman' Walters, to The Sunday Gleaner yesterday. Walters secured a brilliant fifth-round knockout victory over United States-based Armenian boxer, Vic 'Raging Bull' Darchinyan, in Macau, China, to retain his World Boxing Association (WBA) featherweight title.

Going into the fight the favourite, Walters was in superb physical condition and engaged his opponent from the opening bell. There were some quick exchanges in the middle of the ring, as Darchinyan, who had predicted a knockout victory, tried to fulfil his boast. In the second round, both men stepped up the tempo, but Walters was always a step ahead. Walters floored him with a short uppercut as he bored in, but he got to his feet quickly and took the mandatory eight count walking around.

Tight defence

Darchinyan tried hard to get on even terms in the third round, but just could not breach the tight defence that Walters presented. The champion kept dominating the fight in the fourth round and in the fifth he floored Darchinyan once more - just past the one-minute mark - with a left hook to the body and right uppercut, as Darchinyan backed away.

'Raging Bull', who was looking very vulnerable by this time, beat the count, but was on the canvas again shortly afterwards - from another left- right combination. This time he was counted out at two minutes, 22 seconds of the round.

An elated Walters then ran across the ring with glee and acknowledged the cheers of the large crowd present, while Darchinyan remained stretched out on the canvas receiving medical attention.

Dramatic fashion

Walters, who was decked out in his Jamaican colours and had his trademark mahoe axe in the ring with him, had retained his title in dramatic fashion.

Walters told The Sunday Gleaner that Darchinyan was very difficult to fight because of his awkward, southpaw style. It was not until the fourth round, he said, that he was really able to find the range of his opponent.

An estactic Deschamps said: "I am a very happy man. Nicholas had me concerned early in his preparation as he started off somewhat overweight, but he settled down, worked hard with trainer Celso Chavez and his father Job and we saw the results tonight.

"He is now ready for the 'big boys' and it is clear that Bob Arum, who was pleased with his performance, will consider him in the future as a main-bout contestant. "

Walters said: "Please tell Jamaica for me that I did it for you all." Walters, who won the title on December 8, 2012, was making his second successful defence. He now has a 24-0 record with 20 knockouts.

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