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AppMobile Media, IBeacons technology for a new consumption style

AppMobile Media, IBeacons technology for a new consumption style

Posted by Juan Gavasa on September 10, 2014

APP Mobile Media is a Chilean startup that has developed a mobile solution for companies based on geolocation technologies such as IBeacons and Geofencing. In other words, a store can offer promotions, discounts or last minute information about its products to those users who have the application and who happen to be around the store. It's a practical and sophisticated way to attract clients or catch their attention in a non-invasive and effective style.

Daniel Rogers Kraizel is an Engineer specialized in Project Development and Internet Business. He started to develop applications two years ago, and he also explored fields such as consultancy and apps with double-image cameras. Now, from his new company, he is dedicated to the growth and commercialization of his technology of location, which will be presented in September in the first edition of Latam Startups conference, held in Santiago de Chile.

What is IBeacons technology?

Beacons are tiny, wireless sensors that, once they are set up, they allow to send messages through a Bluetooth signal to any mobile in the zone. Geofence, on the other hand, is the virtual perimeter inside a geographical area and in which notifications can be sent.

This allows companies from any kind to develop interactive experiences with their clients, as long as they are inside this virtual perimeter, which is of 20 metres, and those could be special promotions, sales, the menu of the day, a catalogue, cinema tickets... the possibilities are infinite and may vary according to the company that uses our technology.

What has been the path of the project since its birth?

It is actually a young project, we started back in March. Our mid-term plan is to focus on Santiago and make it massive for stores, shops and clients. We want to create IBeacon spots all over the city, and after that, we plan to spread to other countries in the zone.

How's the relationship with investors?

So far, there aren't investors at all and, up to some extent, Latam Startup conference will change our future in terms of growth.

What problems have you faced when it comes to develop the product?

In a local level, some restrictions have been made in terms of bank loans. You must have some credibility and formality to approach a bank to ask for credits. There are many banks which still don't rely on startups in that sense. I think this is related to the fact that there are many projects in Chile that are closer to an idea than to be a business itself. There's a lot of entrepreneurship in Chile, a great movement in the world of startups.

What kind of startups?

The main niche is related to innovation. There are many companies interested in providing services through technology. That is what being developed the most; not only technological projects but also technologies to provide services.

At the moment, you are focusing on Santiago. Is Chile conservative with entrepreneurship?

It's easier to develop an idea for the local market or for a niche located in the city. It is possible that we are a bit conservative, but thanks to inter-connectivity this is changing and it is getting easier to go overseas with projects. There are many entrepreneurs who look at other countries where there are more competitive advantages.

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