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An App for Jamaica's Treasures

An App for Jamaica's Treasures

Posted by Shanelle Weir on April 28, 2014

The app, 'Jamaica Trea-sures', designed for all smart mobile devices and which can be sourced at all app stores, will help locals and visitors locate the country's amenities available in each parish.

"For too long, we have only been able to find places in Montego Bay, Kingston, and Negril because other similar apps don't seem to provide locations for the rural areas. But this is an app with a difference because it not only highlights what we have, but ways we can seek to embrace it," said Farquharson.

There were several reasons why this app had to be completed, but three main reasons were her sons; the need to execute one of her many ideas; and her love for the beauty of this country.

"After my husband died last year, I had to find ideas that would help with the sustenance of me and my three boys, aged 12, nine, and two, and this is one of the ideas that came to life. When the idea came to me in January of this year, I spoke to a friend, who started mapping out plans with me. We sourced a developer in India, which took us about a month to find, but it was all worth it.

"Jamaica is such a beautiful place. Since starting this app I've been doing some touring around the island and Jamaica has some serious hidden treasures," said an excited Farquharson

Showing versatility and diversity, the app will not only provide information for the recreational areas, but also about locations such as public rest stops, hospitals, police stations, small spaces, historical sites, and any other need-to-know public facility. In addition, it will provide an RSS feed for major events such as Boys and Girls' Champs and stage shows

With companies already on board and prospective businesses targeted, Farquharson, who has over 15 years' experience in IT and does approximately 10 exams yearly to advance her skills, is expecting great things from her creation.

"I am pleased to say 'Likkle Ochie Seafood Restaurant' in Alligator Pond and 'Bunch 'A' Grape in St Elizabeth have already jumped on board and are very excited about what something like this can do for their business. Of course, we are open to all companies who are willing to do business with us, including all government agencies, which this service would be free for. I'm inviting all the telecommunications networks as well as the tourism ministry."

She continued: "I know Jamaicans will love this because it will be user friendly, multilingual, and efficient. People I have told about this have already grabbed on to the idea and can't wait to download the app because they are glad something that shows the Jamaican treasures in all the parishes is finally here. I'm also looking forward to the critiques, both positive and negative, because that is what builds me, I can be contacted at or 3443592."

Farquharson, who grew up in Spur Tree district in the parish, with a father who was a farmer and a mother a domestic worker, said she knew from when was in Grade 5 that she wanted to pursue a career in computer science. She said she carried a newspaper clipping in her bag.

Farquharson, who studied information science at the University ofTechnology moved on to own her company called, has travelled to the US and Suriname to conduct training. She believes Jamaica needs to tap into the talent it has and invest more in the great asset of technology as it has the opportunity to boost the country's development.

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