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Angela Marotta, A Successful Italian Canadian in Mexico

Angela Marotta, A Successful Italian Canadian in Mexico

Posted by Alejandra Romo on September 04, 2013

As Pan-American World we are committed to bringing people success stories and as an exclusive we contacted Angela Marotta from Lan Translation. She is an Italian Canadian business woman putting down roots in Mexico, leading a company that offers its translation services on an international level and turning the idea of being an business woman into her passion.

¿What does it mean to be a woman and a foreigner from a different culture running a company in Mexico?

It is advantageous because any foreigner is looked at through a different perspective, which is interesting because you are adding something new and attractive to their world.

On the other hand, it is important to know how to move about in a culture that isn’t yours. I am not Mexican, and for some it could be looked on as unfair because someone from another country is leading a company here. But in the end, I search and find a balance.

¿What is your business vision as a Canadian?

To be an entrepeneur is to be a visionary. I feel Mexican, as well as Canadian and Italian. And speaking specifically about Mexico, a world of opportunity in itself, this combination has placed “the world at my feet”.

I see Mexico a bit like what Canada or Italy was 20 years ago. Mexico gives you that modern flair with a lot of opportunities to venture out and do what you want…and you can make money here.

¿What has been the biggest challenge in Mexico?

The most difficult part has been the cultural change. I see Mexicans as being an extraordinary and capable people, but they have no idea of their worth.

My biggest challenge has been coming from such a proud culture. As a Canadian, I came and saw that people didn’t value who they are and what they have; It is sometimes difficult for me to understand why they don’t see how rich this country is. It is frustrating and unheard of that Mexicans want to leave.

¿What is the opportunity in our country?

Mexico is at a boiling point, like a child about to hit adolescence. The moment it explodes it will become an economic force, even though people here don’t see it yet. For those that do see it, Mexico will become a world player of unmatched wealth.

¿How is the translation business dealing with technology?

The translation business keeps growing and yes there is google and other tools through the internet but I don’t see them taking over and swallowing up the market. They are just part of the competition. Technology is a tool but alone it doesn’t suffice the needs of large companies.

To be a business woman in Mexico has become a natural way of being for me and when translation doesn’t cut it anymore, I’ll start playing with the idea of other business ventures. I still think it won’t happen any time soon because English has become the language of choice to do business in and it will stay that way for a good while longer. So we will take advantage of everything while we can. We will just have to adapt and adapt and readapt to whatever comes at us.

¿What success stories to you want to share with us and why?

Of all the projects I have undertaken, built and followed through on in my life, Lan Translation has been one of those that turned out to be successful, so to some extent it is a success story in itself. It is like a child of my own and it taught me to be a business woman, a leader, a visionary, especially during those moments where you just don’t know how to do it anymore and only by being one do you get through to the other side.

When we started the company, we hit the road running when an international translation agency hired us to translate for their clients. It was an intense training and learning experience, teaching us what to do and what not to do. When we lost the account we learned a huge business lesson on how to keep going against the odds. The quality and personality of our Lan team are a reflection of our international client portfolio catering to important companies such as: Bank of NY Mellon,  Alstom,  Kohler Co., Levi Strauss and the United Nations, among many others.

Angela Marotta is mother to 2 children and like any other person of Italian descent her other great passion is cooking as well as travelling and cultural enriching activities.


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