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America wants to win it all

America wants to win it all

Posted by Juan Gavasa on January 08, 2015

America will start the Clausura 2015 facing off with Leon, and they will be defending the Apertura crown, which they won under Antonio Mohamed last December.

The Argentine manager left after several discrepancies with the Board, and Gustavo Matosas has been given the reins of the team that, according to is the most expensive squad in Liga MX this season.

The Uruguayan manager, who led Leon to back-to-back titles with Leon last year, will try to do the proper now with las Aguilas, and the Board has not held back much in terms of investing in new talent to give the team an edge in the upcoming tournament.

While key players in the last few seasons have left the team, amongst them Colombian Luis Gabriel Rey and former Captain Miguel Layun, Matosas has managed to clinch four key signings in hopes to bring the team to the next level in terms of competitiveness.

Argentine Darío Benedetto has been brought in to play upfront with Colombian-born Carlos Darwin Quintero, and Matosas is sure the duo will be able to help America and compete with the other strikers in the squad, Mexican international Oribe Peralta and youngster Martín Zuñiga.

In midfield, Matosas will put his trust in veteran Cristian Pellerano, who has had an impressive two years with Xolos and is bound to be one of the leaders of the team, both in the locker room as on the pitch.

Paraguayan Miguel Samudio, who had a very poor performance in Cruzeiro –although he won two titles with the Mineiros–, will get a chance to play at the top level in Mexico, and may very well be Matosas’ starting left back.

All and all, values las Aguilas’ full squad at 36.7 million dollars, making them the most expensive roster in the league, closely followed by Rayados de Monterrey, at 36.1 million dollars.

America, powered by the Television and publishing giant Televisa, has never had an issue spending in order to bring the best talent possible to the club, and now that they have found the winning route, even more so.

Las Aguilas have had in their historical rosters some of the best players to have graced the Mexica League, including international stars like Zamorano, Piojo Lopez or Oscar Ruggeri, and also the top Mexican talent, like Cuauhtemoc Blanco, Luis Hernandez, or Luis Garcia.

After winning the Clausura 2013 with Miguel Herrera as head coach, America witnessed Matosas’ back-to-back victories with Leon, the first one of those beating his actual club in the final.

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