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Amell Bioactivos: The Power of Bee-Keeping

Amell Bioactivos: The Power of Bee-Keeping

Posted by Alejandra Romo on August 30, 2013

Mexican company uses bee-made food to create energy products and intends to explore Asian and American markets in the short term.

By Anrtonio Vázquez/ ProMéxico

For close to three years, Amell Bioactivos, a Mexican company that produces organic foods, has focused on developing a "parent formula" based on honey, pollen, propolis and royal jelly that it now seeks to introduce to markets such as Japan, the US, Argentina, Venezuela and Colombia.

"Our most sophisticated product is Amell Poder. It contains honey, pollen, propolis and jelly and is a 100% energy product. The molecular integration of the formula's ingredients took a long time because they would separate completely. We have not found another product like this one in Mexico and it is still unknown in the rest of the world," says Agustín Carlos de Alba Ramírez, CEO of the firm.

After Amell Poder, the company based in the state of Aguascalientes has created 15 more products: six bioactive foods and nine cosmetic products.

Agustín de Alba shows confidence when discussing Amell Bioactivos' portfolio. He says all of its products are completely natural and have health benefits since they increase energy levels, improve the immune system and help reduce stress.

"They have measurable health benefits and no side effects. They help increase energy and vitality, reinforce the immune system, mitigate the effects of stress, regulate the activity of the circulatory system, rid the body of toxins and reduce bone and muscle deterioration," he says.

De Alba and his partner, Raúl Adames Carbajal, had worked in food sectors that produce vegetables and other organic substrates, until they finally decided to explore bee-keeping and bee-made food.

Thus, in 2010, Amell Bioactivos began operations. Initially, the firm focused on researching the products it wanted to develop. A year later they began testing the formulas and by mid-2012 they were already selling bioactive foods. The cosmetic product line was just launched during the second quarter of 2013.

Among other things, Amell Bioactivos' cosmetic product catalog focuses on hair care, cell antioxidation and skin hydration.

"We developed that line of cosmetic products to help people, to contribute with stability and benefits for the body," explains Raúl Adames.

Currently, Amell Bioactivos' presence in Mexico is significant. Agustín de Alba explains that the company has already received requests from customers in Japan, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia and the US.

"We are analyzing these offers and solving challenges in terms of both technology and negotiations and we hope to export our products to those countries in the short term. Furthermore, we plan to participate in an international show in Germany in October 2013," says Agustín de Alba.

The entrepreneurs say they have found advantages in operating and investing in Mexico, especially in the state of Aguascalientes.


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