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Alimentos Polar increase production in Colombia

Alimentos Polar increase production in Colombia

Posted by Dubraswka Aguilar on February 20, 2014

At the end of 2013, Venezuelan firm Alimentos Polar in Colombia reported a growth of 10% in both volume and turnover. The goal this year is to continue that upward trend through the foray into two new categories of products.

Without giving many details, the general manager of Alimentos Polar Colombia, Jose Antonio Pulido, explained that the company, which has over 17 years of operation in the Colombian market - will increase the amount of investment budgeted annually to expand its production capacity with a new plant.

"The amount we invest annually is approximately USD$ 10 million. This year in particular, apart from the work we will do with the Colombian agro to buy local raw and the impulse that we will continue giving the pet food category, we will venture into two new market niches. They are new products, in very important categories, which we should be launching at the end of the year,” said the manager.

Although it was not revealed what products will begin to be included in the portfolio of Alimentos Polar Colombia, Pulido clarified that they are two brands that have a lot of strength in the neighbouring country and therefore the company requires adding a second plant in order to begin to manufacture them locally.

In Venezuela, this corporation has about 25 food and beverage categories, of which the firm serves as the market leader in nearly 20, according to Pulido.

Some of the brands that are handled by Alimentos Polar are Margarita and California (tuna), Mavesa and Chiffon (butter), Rikesa (melted cheese), Toddy (chocolaty drink), Mazeite (oil), Pampero (ketchup), Primor (rice), Maltin Polar (malt) and La Vienesa (jam), among others.

"What we thought is that those things that make sense in this market and make a difference are the ones we will bring to Colombia," Pulido said.

Although the project is still under development, the spokesman said that the new plant would be located in Bogota and that the biggest investment would focus on the acquisition of machinery and equipment. Currently, Alimentos Polar has one manufacture in Colombia, located in Facatativa.

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