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Aeromexico Launches Mexico City-Toronto Non-stop Flight

Aeromexico Launches Mexico City-Toronto Non-stop Flight

Posted by Juan Gavasa on May 06, 2015

Aeromexico Company has launched its daily non-stop flight from Mexico City to Toronto, since it was canceled back in 2010 because of the economic crisis and the establishment of visa requirements for Mexican citizens to enter Canada. Toronto has become the second Canadian city, after Montreal, where Aeromexico develops its operations. The restoration of this connection has been acclaimed in Toronto within the framework of an event that was attended, among other people, by Mexico’s Consul, Mauricio Toussaint; the Income Director with Aeromexico, Anko van der Werff, and Craig Bradrook, Vice President of Aviation Services from the Airport Authority of Toronto.

Mexico’s Consul to Toronto, Maurucio Toussaint, during his speech at the launching ceremony of Aeromexico’s new non-stop flight between Mexico City and Toronto. Picture: Juan Gavasa / PanamericanWorld


Toussaint has underlined the high symbolic value of the reopening of this flight, which he says confirms “the close economic ties between Mexico and Canada”. The diplomat pointed out that Ontario is the most economically important province for Mexico and he underscored that there is a growing number of companies establishing their offices in Canada “because Mexican entrepreneurs have realized that this country features a great business environment.”

The first flight, carried out by a Boeing 737 with capacity for 124 passengers, took off on Monday in Mexico with all seats taken, according to Anko van der Werff. The Aeromexico executive said that Toronto is one of the main financial centers of the country and the new connection will foster business and tourism exchange for the Mexican economy, while it represents a link between Canada and Latin America.”

Anko van der Werff, Income Director with Aeromexico. Picture: Juan Gavasa / PanamericanWorld

Craig Bradbrook has also put emphasis on this idea and he has recalled that the introduction of this new route is going to offer more opportunities “for passengers to travel not only to the Mexican capital city, but to other destinations in the country, even to South America”. The Consul of Mexico to Toronto, Mauricio Touussaint, has applauded the recent decision taken by Canada to include Mexico in the Electronic Trip Authorization (ETA) program, which is going to facilitate the admission in this country of Mexicans that have been given a Canadian visa over the past decade, or a US visa as well. “With this new scenario there is going to be more tourists, entrepreneurs and workers coming to Canada”, he expressed.

With this new route, the Mexican airline will be offering four thousand seats on a weekly basis, a circuit that can land in Montreal and take off in Toronto, as well as an "alliance of shared code" with WestJet airline in order to generate connections within Canada (Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec City). From and to Montreal, the airline moved 82,000 passengers in 2014, with occupancy level of nearly 75 percent.

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