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50 Reasons Why Brazil 2014 Will Be the Best Ever

50 Reasons Why Brazil 2014 Will Be the Best Ever

Posted by Juan Gavasa on April 26, 2014

Back in Brazil

The 2014 FIFA World Cup creeps ever closer, with final plans being drawn up and squads being mulled over—even ahead of regular domestic campaigns still ongoing.

Held just once every four years, the World Cup is a major tournament of stunning atmosphere, excitement and anticipation, with the game's biggest prize at the end of it.

Germany and South Africa both put on exemplary, fantastic showpiece events, but this is Brazil. With 50 days to the big kick-off, here's why this one could be the best ever.

Favourites on Home Soil

Brazil go into most major tournaments as one of the favourites to win, and that isn't going to come down any—nor will the pressure or expectancy on the team to perform—with it being on home soil.

OK, so Spain might be most bookmakers' favourites, but Brazil will lead the way with others.

Either way, we're in for a footballing treat from the yellow shirts.

First World Cup for Neymar

The hopes of the nation rest upon the shoulders of Barcelona forward Neymar, who plays a left-sided attacking role for the national team and whom the fans will look to for quality, goals and creativity.

Then-manager Dunga deemed him not ready for the 2010 World Cup as an 18-year-old—but Neymar will be the main man now, at 22, in his own country.

Can he provide the necessary resilience and consistency to win the tournament?

Other Stars Following Suit: Balotelli, Goetze, Reus

Neymar isn't the only one travelling to his first World Cup finals. Italy's Mario Balotelli will be hoping to lead the line for his nation, while Germany duo Marco Reus and Mario Goetze will approach their own first finals in good form.

Others, such as Sergio Aguero of Argentina, won't be at their first finals, but they will be hoping to play a significant part for the first time.

Big Nations Have All Qualified

Everywhere you look in the group stages, major nations rear their heads.

Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, England, Italy, Portugal, USA, Colombia, Uruguay...the historical, the great and the exciting, all of them are there this time.

There were no dramatic failures from top nations, and plenty of resurgent ones made it through this time around.

Messi and Ronaldo, Both in Their Prime

The world's best two players, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, will be on show in Brazil.

Aged 26 and 29, respectively, both are heading to the 2014 World Cup in their prime ages, having shown immaculate form over the past two or three seasons.

Ronaldo has had the edge this season, but will that result in international honours for Portugal?

South American Contingent

A whopping 60 percent of South American nations will be participating in the World Cup on their own continent.

With only four nations from that qualifying zone guaranteed passage to the finals, the intercontinental play-offs—and Brazil being hosts—meant that that number expanded by a third this time around.

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Uruguay will be involved in the summer. There is no negative spin whatsoever to take from this; everyone loves seeing their team face a South American side, simply because it happens so infrequently.

New Stadia

It cannot be denied that Brazil's preparations for the finals have been hit by problems and delays to the newly built stadiums around the nation, but those which are (or will be) completed should make for fantastic settings.

Five new stadiums, one rebuilt venue and several remodelled ones means we'll be playing in essentially completely new grounds.

Party Atmosphere

The World Cup always has a party atmosphere!

And it just so happens that Brazil has a—ridiculously over-stereotyped, perhaps—reputation for partying, too.

It all adds up to what should be—around the games and grounds, at least—an exciting and all-encompassing time of fun, making acquaintances and enjoying the entire month-long festival of football.

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