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5 Latin America Extreme Adventures Every Wanderlust Should Try

5 Latin America Extreme Adventures Every Wanderlust Should Try

Posted by PanamericanWorld on February 25, 2016

Latin America is a destination teeming with extreme adventures. While there are tranquil spots where the more low-key tourists can kick back and relax, the region is a paradise for adrenaline junkies with next level activities that will truly make the vacation memorable.

From taming deadly creatures to hurtling down hundred-foot dunes, here are some of the best adventures to experience in beautiful Latin America.

Surfing the Amazon River (Brazil)

The Pororoca tidal bore is the stuff that surfers' dreams are made of: an epic wave that can last for miles and hours up an endless river. It only happens once or twice a year along the Amazon in São Domingos do Capim, Brazil, but the Pororoca comes regularly enough that adrenaline junkies head up during the season in hopes of catching a ride that is as dangerous as it is legendary.

Piranha fishing (Brazil)

It's not a high-octane sport like other activities on the list, but there are few things as terrifying as getting up close to a piranha -- although they do taste good. In the Pantanal Safari, there are plenty of wildlife to see, but this devious little creature remains on top of many daredevils' list. This small fish has razor-sharp teeth and a dangerous penchant for biting curious humans nearby, so it is important travelers are careful of placing their fingers so near them.

Sandboarding (Peru)

The dunes in Huacachina, Peru are nothing to scoff at with steep ridges rising a few hundred feet high. To add to the thrill, the guides will recommend tourists to barrel down the dunes belly down and head first. The activity is something that's gaining notoriety among tourists so it's best to come soon to see it in its unspoiled beauty.

Trekking glaciers (Argentina)

The jaw-dropping beauty of the Perito Moreno Glacier does nothing to diminish the difficulty of trekking on ice. Travelers will have to wear spikes on their shoes which take a little time getting used to, and gloves and waterproof clothing are also recommended to deal with the sharp spikes of ice and unpredictable weather. One of the most striking glaciers in the planet, the icy destination is a must-visit adventure, especially with reports of the glaciers slowly melting away due to global warming.

Paddle the Futaleufú River (Chile)

Another picturesque spot to find adventure is the Futaleufú River. There are breathtaking sceneries and turquoise waters to attract all kinds of tourists, but one of the most impressive activities in this destination is paddling in the rapids. The river offers a great range of exciting rapids from easy ones for beginners and families to the extremely dangerous ones in the Upper Futaleufú for expert paddlers.

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