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5 Eyecatching Startups out of Peru

5 Eyecatching Startups out of Peru

Posted by PanamericanWorld on December 09, 2015

While countries like Israel and India dominate headlines for startups based outside of the United States, some countries are seeing their own increase in local ventures. Up to this point, Latin America probably has not garnered enough attention from the global startup ecosystem, especially considering each country provides unique conditions for startup communities. Peru has a diverse number of projects, many still in seed round. Here is a list of five of the more interesting projects out of Lima, from the best funded to the most intriguing.


CinePapaya is an online platform for buying movie tickets on the B2C front, with business intelligence on the B2B side. The app also has grown an active community, using contests and games to integrate their platform with social media.

It is one of the more notable success stories of Wayra Perú, a Peruvian accelerator linked to the Spanish telecom giant Telefonica. The company recently reached a deal to join the international investors network with Endeavor to continue expansion. The service is already available in 18 Latin American countries, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines.

The company was founded in 2012 by Inma Cañadas, Manuel Olguin and Gary Urteaga. They have raised just over $3 million thus far, the bulk of it in Series A funding back in October 2014. The company is reportedly planning a $7 million round, according to InfoLatAm (Spanish). The company is currently valued at about $30 million.

Mi Media Manzana

Another company that recently joined the Endeavor group, Mi Media Manzana is the most popular dating site in Latin America.

The service uses its own algorithm to match partners. According to the company, the online matchmaking business has not been as strong as in the US, leaving open an untapped potential for the market. The site also rewards committed users with more frequent match requests. The system removes a bit of the guessing game from online matching by zeroing in on traits users would not necessarily realize were compatible with their preferences before using the service.

Users are allowed to communicate directly with each other and then schedule face-to-face meets.The company was founded by José Antonio Planas Arguedas, Cesar Hoshi, and Pedro Neira Ferrand.


Comparabien, which means ‘Good Buy’ in Spanish, is the most popular Peruvian website for comparison shopping (which is a sort of redundant phrase if you speak Spanish). It goes beyond the model of a Priceline though, being a source of information and quotes on banking, car insurance and phone-internet plans as well.

The site operates beyond Peru in Colombia, Chile, Brazil and México with traffic of around 150,000 visits per month.

The service was launched in 2010 by Director Leo Castellanos and CEO Alfredo Ramirez.


Biotech company BioFab is in the 3D printing business for prosthesis, body tissue, and organs. The company also builds custom 3D printers for medical institutions and is researching new biomaterials.

These printers though, break a new mould from the more common plastic printing models.

The company claims to have built “the first bio-printer” according to their website (Spanish). The device has two parts: one to construct the superstructure of the given organ or limb, while the second develops customized biological “ink” that is infused with matching stem cells from a “bioreactor.”

The company, founded by Cesar Loo, has had two small seed rounds from 500 Startups and Start-Up Chile.


This startup is just getting off the ground, but is throwing its hat into the wearable health monitor market with a device for people with hyperhidrosis, a condition characterized by excessive sweating which might also indicate more serious underlying conditions.

But this device does not just alert your doctor if your sweat glands detect excessive heat. It aims to harvest that heat into energy to recharge portable devices, also reducing the heat burden on the body.

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