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5 Best Things to Eat in Guyana

5 Best Things to Eat in Guyana

Posted by Shanelle Weir on December 11, 2014

Guyanese cuisine is reflective of its diverse culture and the flavors that make up Caribbean food. Many Caribbean food recipes have absorbed influences from various cultures, including Chinese, Arabian, African, European, Amerindian, and East Indian. You’ll find that Caribbean food is largely made up of some key ingredients, including rice, plantain, cassava, coconut, sweet potato, meats and fish, and many more. Travelers can get learn about authentic Caribbean food by visiting the Dominican Republic, Puetro Rico, BelizeAruba, and the Cayman Islands as well as Guyana. 

The Caribbean food scene in Guyana is strong and is present in dishes across the island thanks to Guyana’s cultural diversity.

Stews and curry dishes are very popular, but if you are looking for a simple Guyana dish reflective of the Caribbean food scene, you can’t go wrong with chicken served with rice and beans. Additionally, cook-up rice, which is a more localized version of the Caribbean food recipe for rice and peas, is popular and commonly eaten with fried fish.

To really dive into the Guyanese culture and explore Caribbean food, tourists should try pepper pot, a very popular stew in Guyana. Traditionally served for special occasions including Christmas, pepper pot is the national dish of Guyana and is a stewed meat dish that is cinnamon, Caribbean peppers, and a special sauce taken from the cassava root known as cassareep, among some other ingredients.

Cassava bread is another local favorite, and visitors should also try metemgee, or a Guyanese Creole stew that is made with dumplings, yam, cassava, plantains, and okra, which served in a hot and peppery coconut milk sauce.

Chinese dishes are also popular across Guyana; Guyana-style chow mein and lo mein are two widely eaten dishes. 

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