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5 Best Places to Visit in Ecuador

5 Best Places to Visit in Ecuador

Posted by PanamericanWorld on May 23, 2017

Here are some of the best places to visit in Ecuador that are beautiful and safe, but which will you choose? It will be a hard choice with Ecuador offering up so much. This South American country is often overlooked with its more popular neighbors surrounding it, but after reading this, I’m sure that will change.

If for nothing else, Ecuador is said to be the best and cheapest country to explore the Amazon. Who has not been curious about the mysterious and incredible Amazon rainforest? Besides being beautiful and diverse, there are many activities to do in and around the area. If the jungle isn’t really your scene, you can hightail it to one of the beaches or islands that Ecuador holds. You could come face to face with a sea lion, or perhaps surf the perfect wave. Either way, a well deserved delicious seafood feast will be waiting for you on shore.

So what about the safety in Ecuador? Well, there are the best places to visit in Mexico that are beautiful and safe, and you can bet Ecuador offers the same. This list isn’t inclusive, but it’s a great start for your Ecuadorian adventures! These places boast incredible beauty, fun activities, adventure, and they have all been traveled well, so they will be a safe place for you to have a great vacation. Fret not my friend! Brush up on your Spanish and start packing your bags, you’re about to explore Ecuador!

5. Montanita

Beautiful shorelines with epic surf and mountains, what else do you want out of a beach town? This town happened to be a sleepy fishing village until some dudes came and found out about the perfect surf. Now this bustling coastal spot has plenty to entertain its visitors including nightlife and cafes.

4. Cuenca

This is the country’s third largest colonial city.The Cathedral Nueva is a the beautiful landmark that took nearly a century to construct. People love coming here for the year round comfortable temperatures as well.

3. Tena

Ready to get your jungle experience on? This is the spot to start. Tena is a great jumping point to immerse yourself in the Amazon.  This beautiful town was sustained on its cinnamon production, and sits pretty on the Amazon tributary where the Tena, Misahualli, and Napo Rivers meet. This is one of the best places to go kayaking and whitewater rafting.

2. Cotopaxi

This is the country’s second highest peak at 5, 897 meters tall. Although this volcanic peak is pretty quiet right now, it’s had more than 50 eruptions since the early 1700’s. It’s also one of the highest equatorial glaciers in the world and can been seen in the country’s capital, Quito. This mystical mountain is one of the best places to visit in Ecuador that is beautiful and safe

1. Quito

You will inevitably be in the country capital, so make it worth it your while by doing something special. Stand on the equator! Known as Mitad del Mundo, Middle of the World, you can say you’ve been on the equator, but bring the sunscreen. Make sure to visit the most famed cathedral in Ecuador, as well, La Compania.

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