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27th Biennial of Visual Arts in Tribute to Domingo Liz

27th Biennial of Visual Arts in Tribute to Domingo Liz

Posted by Aimee Flores Jiminian on September 17, 2013

The Ministry of Culture of the Dominican Republic and the Museum of Modern Art along with the organizing comittee has inaugurated the 27th Biennial of Visual Arts in tribute to Domingo Liz, one of the great Dominican Artists that passed away on February 14th, 2013. The jurors for this Biennial were Chus Martínez, Quisqueya Henríquez and Bingene Armenteros. Chus Martínez from La Coruña, Spain is Museum Chief Curator of El Museo del Barrio in New York city, she has been Chief Museum Curator for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcellona and Director of the Frankfurter Kunstverein in Germany and was also Chief of the Curating Department of the last edition of Documenta (13) which takes place every five years in the city of Kassel, Germany. Quisqueya Henríquez was born in Havana, Cuba but has settled in Santo Domingo and is considered one of the youngest and most important artist with projection in the international scene. Bingene Armenteros, born in Dominican Republic and is the Director of Fundación Goiena and the Art Gallery Arte Berri.

The Director of the Museum of Modern Art (MAM for its acronym in spanish), Maria Elena Ditren gave the welcoming speech and stated that the Biennial is the scene where many new talented artists have emerged. The Minister of Culture, José Antonio Rodriguez gave the central speech at the inauguration and delivered the Great Biennial Prize  which includes a certificate of honor and  500,000.00 Dominican pesos to Joiri Alphonsina Minaya Feliz for her video "Metonimia" and her performance "Satisfecha".

There were also eight other prizes without category distinction that included an certificate of honor and 250,000.00 Dominican pesos to Engel Stalin and Laura Castro for their installations "Moderno Tropical," (Modern Tropical), Ariadna Canaán Rivas for "La Casa de Piedras," (House of Stones), Luis Arias "Cybercity 3001," Citally Miranda for her photograph "Sesión con Salomé", (Session with Salomé), Angel Gonzalez Urrelly for his drawing "Deforestación: de la jungla a la botánica" (Deforestation: from the jungle to the botanical), Patricia Castillo also known as Patutus for her installation "Vibraciones bajas" (Low Vibrations), Polibio Díaz Quiroz for his video "Manifiesto," and Julianny Ariza Volquez for her installation from the series "Bien Estando" #1 (Well being).

Mentions of honor were given to Jonnathan Sánchez, Natalia Ortega, Luis Hidalgo, Miguel Ramírez, Pascal Meccariello, José Cestero, José Pión, Dario Scapellato, Pancho Rodríguez, Eliazar Ortíz and Dalton Gata.

Domingo Liz's widow Mercedes Morales and her son and daughter received the National Prize of Plastic Arts 2012 for their beloved Domingo Liz, one of Dominican Republic's greatest creators.

This year 571 works were presented of which 56 were selected in the Painting category, 8 in the Performance category, 22 in the Drawing category, 7 in the Sculpture category, 14 in the Video and Multimedia category, 32 in Photography category, 7 in Graphic Arts, 39 in the Installations category and 1 in the Ceramic category.

This Biennial however has been very criticized, it has been literally one of the best Biennials in Dominican History and one of the most controversial ones. Many have cried that some works deserved to win and were not even given a mention, others accuse of plagiarism and others argue that the entry conditions were violated. Although, the quality of the works and the criteria of the judges is unquestionable.   

The inauguration of the Biennial was on August 16th and will continue to be open until November 17th every day from 9:00am to 6:00pm on Fridays they have an extended schedule  until 10:00pm.

The best thing you can do is come see and judge for yourself!


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